16/4 =?

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    Yeah, i also thought that at first impressions. I mean, it seams pretty obvious doesnt it? But when you dig deeper, like me, you find out lots of things you would never have thought of.
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    Supraman? wot is ur IQ? like 150 or something? U know almost everything!!
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    That has nothing to do with his "IQ",it just means that he read up on the Veyron.
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    I know we beat this to death at the beginning of this thread, but if the "4" stands for 4-valves/cylinder, then it's a change from the 18/3 Chiron concept as that engine also had 4-valves/cylinder. It had three rows of 6 cylinders for 18 cylinders (18/3). It's obviously not solely for the number of turbos as someone said because there was a 16/4 without turbos. This engine has 4 valves/cylinder, 4 banks of cylinders and 4 turbochargers. Maybe Bugatti intended the "4" to stand for all of those with this particular model.
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    part of IQ is general knowledge. (well, alot) It's not just this car that he knows heaps about. There would be hundreds. I have an IQ 122 (above average) and he seems to know quite a bit more than me
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    That is a finding that i also came across, but i ruled out that car since it was called chiron i just thought, #$%# it, its the only one that doesnt fit in with my theory.
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    I dont know what my IQ is exactly. But if i had an IQ for Social Studies, it would be very very low, and if i had an IQ for science, it would be very very high. Cars fall under that catagory of science for me.:0
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    That's why many people claim that IQ tests are culturally biased. I personally don't believe IQ tests hold a whole lot of water. I took an online IQ test when I was in college through a link to some other college's website that our Sociology professor gave us. I scored 145. I don't believe it. I sent it to a few friends and one friend, who I believe to be smarter than me scored 135 or something like that. I think they should be treated more as a ballpark figure than as an absolute. Know what I mean?
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    ohhh yep. so is it 4 rows (16/4) 18/3 Chiron has 3 rows of six, this has 4 rows of 4. WAIT!! wot about the 18/4 Veyron? now i'm confussed.

    My IQ for science and Maths would be around 150 (i'm very brainy at those subjects). My english IQ would be a little bit above average. I started the year in the extension class, but for some reason, i went down to this cabbage class. i suck at Social studies (not the geography part of it) But i'm only 14 guys, so if u were think that i was smarter than u, then i mightn't be.
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    I also ruled out that option due to the 18/4 veyron.
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    so wot would it be?
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    Valves Per Cylinder.
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    Wot about the chiron? Does that have 3 Valves per cylinder? Or does Chiron stand for Fuked-up numbers in French or something?
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    Chiron, yes i think so aswell.
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    The 18/3 Chiron had 4-valves/cylinder. The engine configuration was different though. It wasn't based on Volkswagen's VR concept like this engine, it just had three rows of six cylinders.
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    r u sure the Chiron has 3 valves per cylinder? on it's thingy it doesn't say
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    The Chiron had 4-valves per cylinder. I read it in a magazine some time back. I'm pretty sure I did anyway...
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    ok, i don't beleive the mag, i beleive u
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    No one knows how many valves the chiron has...
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    All I said was that I was pretty sure that I read somewhere that the Chiron had 4-valves per cylinder. I don't know this for sure though. I think we should just agree that nobody is quite sure what the "4" in the "16/4" stands for, and Bugatti should drop that nomenclature and just call it "Veyron".
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    the people that made it should
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    I hope, and think they will, who the hell is gonna say "Bugatti 16-4 Veyron" all the time? "Bugatti Veyron" is much easier, sexier and better sounding, its like "Ferrari Enzo" or "Lamborghini Diablo".
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    i reckon, or even if it had something on the end..... Bugatti Veyron GT or something. Like Lamborghini Diablo GT. They should make it easier, and better sounding to say.
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    That name, would be left for an even more high performance version(doesnt sound possible, but oh well). Maybe a race version or summat..

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