$16,800, and its a FERRARI??!!??!

Discussion in '1955 Ferrari 410 Superamerica Series I' started by Carrera GT Master, Apr 11, 2006.

  1. Was it priced like that in 1955?
  2. Yes, back in that time, 16k was extremely expensive.

    I remember seeing on tv that a Dodge Charger Daytona was going for only 7,000$, which was a small fortune back in the day.

    Today, those price increased an aweful lot.

    A Daytona in good condition must be 40k+, while this Ferrari must be going for over a hundred.
  3. that was 17k in 55, yes.

    for instance: a chevy bel air from the same year cost between 1095 and 1295 dollars at that time, making this car very expensive.
  4. 1955: amazing,really. but 16800 today? that equates to a mere 100800 rands. you could get a ford fiesta for that price. but then again,were talking 1955, so like i said thats quite a price... fooking expensive!
  5. a normal car would cost 3000 back then
  6. yay for price inflation.
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    probably a bit more for a top condition 1955 model nowadays. check this 1959 model that went for over 4 million dollars in 2001 http://www.motorbase.com/vehicle/by-id/677/finance.ehtml

    one also went for $380,000 in 1999, but one only went for £85,000 in 1992.
  8. I'd pay whatever it took for this car, I LOVE the 50's ferrari's and I like how they're TRYING to bring some of those cues back into their design.
  9. w0w, I never saw the link to the individual car forum :/

    This car rocks, esp. in Nero with a Rosso Scuderia roof

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