16 cylinders

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by F50Fanatic, Feb 6, 2009.

  1. Since no one has said it yet - Jimenez Novia!
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    Jizzed in my pants!!!

  3. No one has mentioned Rolls-Royce 100EX yet.

    This is a concept car, but so is Cadillac Sixteen.
  4. Bugatti Veyron
  5. same here
  6. Bentley Hunaudi�res obviously.
  7. After seeing pics of this Veyron I cant think of another supercar id want over it
  8. Jimenez Novia
  9. These cars are so different than one another. But I love the Cizeta.
  10. veyron miles better than the rest of them
  11. I honestly forgot who I voted for between the Cizeta And Veyron. I think it was Veyron though

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