1600hp SuperVeyron for Frankfurt 2013

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by srsocx, Nov 2, 2012.

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  3. I want to believe!
  4. so it's lighter too? i think that's what I'd be most excited about. If Forza could do it...
  5. Whats the point
  6. I kind of wish the Veyron was a two year production.
  7. i know what you mean, just kill it off already. Keep it special
  8. i see pictures of the standard veyron and i'm all...pssh, that's not a Sang Noir?
  9. Veyron was meant to be extreme in every way from the start. Why not make it more extreme.
  10. It'll be better than the Escudo Pikes Peak to wheelie-fly around the oval in Gran Turismo!
  11. "the Ultra Bugatti gets a beefed up 8.0-liter (or 9.6-liter) engine that delivers 1600 hp, ... The secret to all this is a weight saving of almost 550 pounds over the Veyron SuperSport W16"

    +400ps and - 250Kgs ?
    I think it is very hard to achieve just only one of these two targets, much less both!
    Indeed, the massive increase of power (+60% than original project), should result in an INCREASE OF WEIGHT, Bugatti'll have a lots of trouble to do it
    don't forget how the Veyron SS was already rumored @ -100... -200 ...300 Kgs than standard Veyron, but final results was: -30 Kgs...
  12. Many guys on TS have been saying that this may actually just be the Veyron successor, with an all new chassis/tub.

    Furthermore, if development started concurrently with the SS as some have noted, they've had some time to figure this out.
  13. yeah the excudo pikes peak is faster i bet especially with mods
  14. Veyron successor? next year?
    easily you will understand how to develop a 1600ps-supercar takes several years
    I think there will be a super-veyron, perhaps really over 1500ps, but I'd exclude -250Kgs or semething like this...
  15. There's only so much weight you can strip from a car with 11 radiators.
  16. Look, I know English is not your first language, but you need to read what I #$%#ing said.

    Supersport came out in 2010. Supersport development began in 07, if I am not mistaken, which is when the development for whatever this is also began. With a fall 2013 release date, that's SIX YEARS, which is one year more than it took the final Veyron concept to make it to production (2000 at Paris to 2005 production). Perfectly adequate amount of time if it is in fact a new vehicle, and an even more adequate amount of time if it's just an evolution of the existing Veyron.
  17. sounds like theres a lot of weight you can strip.

    Then again, if there were any way to consolidate those radiators, I feel like they would have 6 years ago.
  18. yo, there is a ton of luxurious shit on a Veyron tho. There's no way all that shit is for performance. I was kinda wishing someone would do that. Instead of ordering a Sang Noir or something with even more shit on top, someone shoulda just stripped one down for the hell of it.

    Maybe we gotta wait for Otis Part II - Kanye and Jay Z
  19. Something doesnt feel right about a stripped veyron. But yea that would be cool.
  20. probably the fact that you'd by forcing a race car onto a car never designed to race. No one is going to make a race car out of a 750il, it's just idiotic. But because something happens to have over 1000 hp, people tend to think, oh it must be designed for racing. If the veyron were designed for racing it would have a V12 with a normal amount of radiators and turbochargers.

    This was over engineered to be special. like a 10 complications watch, it's meant to be art through mechanics. trying to jam it into a stripped down function is raw stupid. How many 112 lap red line races do you thing a w16 can endure? .8?
  21. With 11 radiators, quite pedestrian power to displacement ratio and obsessively perfectionised engineering, I bet it can endure more than any of the competing hypercars. Why wouldn't it?
  22. I bet the Veyron is bulletproof.

    One particular thing comes to mind - in a magazine article/review I read (EVO, I think) of the SuporSport, it was noted that during development and testing of the car before release they did 100 full-bore launch control starts back to back (with all 4 tyres smoking) with absolutely no damage caused to the drivetrain.
  23. Actually, spinning all 4 tires does less damage to drivetrain than all 4 tires hooking and no smoke.
  24. bulletproof yes, but not very fast compared to an LMP class endurance racer
  25. I don't really think that was the point he was trying to emphasize.

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