1. First off, Chevrolet is not replacing Daewoo as the budget brand in the US, chevrolet has been the budget brand since it became part of General Motors...The blue-collar brand, the one that everyone can afford...Its like you don't know anything about Chevrolet whatsoever...

    Secondly, the only relationship Chevrolet has with Daewoo in the US is the Aveo, and takes the cheapest car in the US title...In Europe, Chevrolets are Daewoos, Opels, and American Chevrolets we know and love here in the States. Being re-badged Daewoos is not necessarily a bad thing, GM has "fixed" Daewoo's problems, and according to some people, can actually build some decent cars...Not likely to come to the US any time soon.

    As for the Chevy being weak, alike it's sister car, the ION, it is completely false. Although they share the same platform, Chevrolet chose to strangthen the chassis signifigantly, and add more sporty touches to the Cobalt SS than in the ION redline. The Cobalt SS will actually have it's own specially built 5-speed manual, different than the Saturn crap, a Quaife limited-slip differental, and special Recaro racing seats and other special SS appointments.

    Although the stock version of the Cobalt SS, 2.0 supercharged ECOTEC, make 205 horses, it will be stiff competition with the SRT-4. The Cobalt was made to be balanced, unlike the hard-edged SRT-4 (not that the SRT-4 is a bad car at all). Give it some time, I anticipate good things for the Cobalt SS, and if GMPD gets serious with it, there could be a pretty serious horsepower war between Chevy and Dodge over the pocket-rockets very soon.

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