18 cylinders only 550 hp

Discussion in '2000 Bugatti 18/4 Veyron Concept' started by ghost of freedom, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Yeah, it doesn't make much sence that this car only has 550hp. But don't forget the 16/4 Veyron has 1001hp. Wow, Did I just say only 550 horsepower?
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    all i can say is #$%#k ford and this car is BEAUTIFUL!<!-- Signature -->
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    only 550hp form 18cylinders, how pathetic. All you need is a big block v8 with a blower or twin kkk turbos and it will smoke this thing. the w18 is all about ego and hype from car manufacturers who have nothing better to do with their degrees in engineering and tons of money.
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    °°°sucks hard...Mc Laren rulez and even with lower bhp°°°<!-- Signature -->
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    i just want to say that 555hp in a 18 cyl engine is just stupid
    why bother to have 18 cyl if the HP is no grater then this.
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    If you extrapolate the power of the Veyron 16/4 via hp per cylinder, you should at least get at least 1126 hp. That's over double the current power. Seems to me that the engineers didn't spend enough time tuing this thing......<!-- Signature -->
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    But could you only imagine the sound? Forget the lack of HP I wanna hear the engine!!!<!-- Signature -->
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    the engine must sound sweet on this thing!! and i think its awsome how bugatti respects its european counterparts by naming its best car the Veyron, a euro legend.
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    well i think the specs r wrong cause it is impossible that a W 16 produces 1001 hp and a W 18 produces 550 hp and the bugatti engineers rn't any engineers when they work on a car they work til perfect
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    pleace go back to the home page before reading this mesage i have for u. Go to compare. right. and choose bugati 18/4 and the 2002 version of the 16/4. right. have a look at the stats. Take specific notes on what it says under the engine like the engine of the 18/4 is 72 Valve W18. GO

    Right what does it say?......................

    Notice how the 16/4 has a quad turbo how much power do you think that added?...............
    The 18/4 i think will sound beter as well without the sound of a turbo whine(sorry about spelling i'm 14). and But i still think the power is still wrong that is being produced, there must be more. Pleace do not tell me that a 14 year old has told you this?
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    Really nice car, sure want one, can't have one...

    About the engine...550Bhp at 18 cylinders...
    Why is this such a bad thing?
    Yeah...there are cars with 550Bhp+ on a V8 engine, or maybe even a V6...
    But does it makes the car better if it has a V6/8 with the same power?

    Try to understand this:

    You created something with wheels but with no engine...
    So people have to push it when you drive on a road.
    Imagine there are 8 people (V8) on the side of the road (1/4mile of length or something)
    Each one pushes you when you come near them, but when you're pushed you will lose speed, more, more, more...Untill you reach the second man.
    Don't you think if there are 18 people (The W18) lined up on the road of the same length you will have more speed, or should I say, accelerating would be much more stable...
    Because there are more people to push you, distance to lose speed will be smaller...
    Get it?


    Maybe it doesn't make sense for you...
    And maybe you're right, if it's possible to tune your Toyota Supra far beyond the power of this car, it's possible to give this car just a little bit more power...

    But hey! It's a concept!
    Why bother...now...?
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    It doesn't really matter how many cylinders you have. It's more important how big each cylinder is. If you have a W24 that only displaces 24 cc, which really isn't realistic, but anyway... it's not going to give you much power. On the other hand, you could have a V4 that displaces 24 liters, that would put out a ton of power.

    As an example, this engine only displaces 6255 cc, and puts our 550 hp. A Viper RT/10 displaces 7990 cc and only puts out 450 hp. Really, this engine isn't doing too bad.<!-- Signature -->
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    Oh yeah...
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    you know...
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    Making more cyl. and less rpm. is good because the engine loses sound and if this engine had 240 cyl. and 555 rpm it will have like 700 hp.
    well here we go... its imp. to have even 40000 cyl and 1 rpm (its not logic!!!) but it says thats what makes ufo's change directions 90 degrees on the sky!!!A big "thing" inside it and less turn arounds per minute!!!So yeah,ant i a genious.
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    550 hp must be a typo. 18 cyl with only 550 hp?? come on! if it even is a 18 cyl engine it would have way mehr hp than the w16 engine!!
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    Everybody that keeps saying, "this has 18 cylinders and has less Hp than the Veyron with 16 cylinders" must not be realizing that the Veyron 16/4 is Quad Turbo!!!! This is not. I do agree that 18 cylinders only producing 555 Hp doesn't make much sense. They are just adding weight without adding power.
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    This engine could definatly pump out more then 550 hp. Maybe they just didn't know how to use the extra 2 cylinders properly with what they were using. Maybe 18 cylinders is just too much for it. And as someone said, the other one with 16 cylinders and 1000 hp is a quad turbo. This one isn't. Perhaps they will use the 18 cylinder in their next model, and quad turbo. But they would probably have to change the dimensions of the body to accomadate them. Anyways....
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    No matter what their plan is, I'm sure this meets all their expectations.. if anyone here happens to be smarter than the engineers at Bugatti, please speak up, but if not.. leave the car alone. It's only a concept anyways
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    Bugatti brilliant ideas #001
    Some people can't afford our quad turbo w16 lets build a bigger engine with less power for people who only earn $800,000 a year

    Bugatti brilliant ideas #002
    Well who cares if a modified lancer evo with a 2 litre inline 4 is faster, Veyron sounds cooler.

    Bugatti brilliant ideas #003
    Maybe if we get the fuel consumption down to 35 litres per 100km someone might buy it

    Cool car but has some problems
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    18 cylinders is just going overboard. The car looks very nice, but when you get only 550 hp from an 18-cylinder engine, that just disappoints you.
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    If they wanted it to have more power they would give it more power. C'mon now, it's a BENTLY! Maybe they axed the project b4 they had a chance to refine the engine.
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    Wait, wait, I ment Bugatti. I was talking about Bently with a friend on instant messenger and the theme got stuck in my head. But non-the-less, If BUGATTI wanted to make an engine with 1001hp they will. But they didn't.
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    screw the number of cylinders, look at displacment, its a 6.2 thats what matters, and 550hp out of a 6.2 isnt that bad.

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