1850bhp,275mph+,$400,000 - still want the Veyron?

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by ajzahn, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. Building a fast car is easy. Building a reliable fast car is not. This will fail. It may reach silly speeds but probably very dangerously and probably just the once before needing an engine rebuild and a new gear box!

    The Veyron is special not just because of the numbers but the way it does it. At 250mph it is stable and easy to drive. It will do it time and time again. The brakes also match the engine in what they can do. Its a complete package that does 250mph, not just a one off power house.
  2. Vector always has and always will be a joke
  3. I came in here to say 'Vector LOL'

    I'm glad they're still knocking about to do stuff like this. I can always use a good laugh.
  4. Veyron beater OFFER, LOL!
  5. Veyron can only go 233 mph.... unless you stop the car, put a new key in it and don't make any severe turns (to shut the mode off).
  6. I have a feeling that I'll hate this car as much as the SSC
  7. SCN needs a seperate car success/failure prediction forum.
  8. I wonder how much a tune up would cost on a car like this?
  9. how much would a tune up on you cost?
  10. Blinker fluid would be a #%!@ to change
  11. amazing!! but so ridiculous
  12. Veyron please!
  13. Who cares how far you will go when filling up? Doesn't the Veyron burn through a whole tank in 17 minutes or something like that?
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  15. ^ aside from the holes in the tail, that look so wicked
  16. YES. Thank you. a new member who isn't a fanboy moron who thinks that SSC and this new POS are the greatest cars ever.
  17. they designed it in one year realised it sucked and figured theyd not produce it mainly because it was too heavy then figured to release it anyways
  18. Yeah not to mention is has some goofy looking dude stuck to the roof. .cd -1
  19. is that the tasty bit you want to bite? Jimmy doesn't like the crust. No jimmy.. no..
  20. I don't understand all of this unreliable pos kit car top speed stuff.

    Honestly, just give me a caterham with an RST-V8.
  21. i hope the cars turns out to be better than their website
  22. Hah good point. If they put that little work into building a simple web page that doesn't look like poo on a plate, how much work are they going to put in making an entire car to make sure it doesn't explode at 270MPH?
  23. I`ll have a veyron thanks.
  24. Have you actaully seen pictures of the actual car? It already failed.

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