1850bhp,275mph+,$400,000 - still want the Veyron?

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by ajzahn, Dec 13, 2007.

  1. This is a big fail. I'll take one veyron, and a big fail flag, and drive around at 400kph more than once, with my fail flag.
  2. Don't believe the hype, I'd say...

    Wiegert as an ace at selling hot air...
  3. who bumped this? Looks like a Reventon. Well, sort of.
  4. pretty impressive, I must say.
  5. On one hand you have the Bugatti Veyron; holding a name of a quality manufacturer, now owned by VW, Europe's largest manufacturer who are also involved in Lambos, a car that is said to lose money on every sale because of how insanely expensive research and development was for it as well as the car itself being a mass of complex systems which is in the same league as aircraft.

    On the other hand, you have a giant engine with superchargers stuck on it in a chassis at a far lesser cost with no real name or significant background, no noticable international dealings, claiming immense performance.

    I'd take the veyron.
  6. Ill believe it when I see it....additionally what happened to vector's ridiculous styling...that was the only interesting thing about the cars since they never worked. Just looks like shit, never be built, and won't hit anywhere near 270mph....
  7. what alowed of horseshit, u can ramble on about which car is faster but who gives a #$%# if it does 275mph+, it looks fake, it looks shit, and even if it was FASTER than the veyron its still not half the car, speed is 30% of the argument, what about build, handling, value for money, reliability, running costs and what its like to drive? not a #$%#ing dent on the veyron, another "wannabee" get over it.
  8. to be fair this does have a name. i wouldn't be laughing quite as hard if it wasnt a vector.
  9. Yo ajzahn, I think we'd get on well as friends, we seem to have the same taste in supercars and the same amount of knowledge on them. Anywho, I think Vector will definitely beat...no wait, scratch that, DESTROY the Veyron by far in any style of race. Vector and Bugatti should have a showdown with the best they have to offer
  11. are you new to the world of second accounts?
  12. Styling....it looks like a camaro....the Bugatti I'll be it is not the best looking car in the world but leaps and bounds better looking that what I saw of that new Vector.....

    And that vector will not even get close to that top speed before it burst into flames and falls apart....look at vector's history
  13. will never get off the ground

  15. There is no comparing any supercar to the Veyron in top speed vs. driveability. I've had the opportunity to see one of these things cruising down a paddock, and they are pretty quiet and look very easy to drive. Too much so for my taste.

    Seems like it would be much more productive for other manufacturers to focus on a good mix of handling, acceleration, and driveability instead. Those are areas that the Bugatti can be beaten (with the exception of driveability).
  16. It definitely is the ultimate GT.

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