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  1. yea... when was the last time you've went past 150mph on a street?

    after that speed, all it is is a number, who gives a shit? top speed in these cars has NO useful purpose
  2. who even needs that!!! 170 mph is all you need on a twisty race track like laguna seca. Besides, who would even go that fast in a car that you could pay off your house six times!!!
  3. 191 mph is ACTUALLY very fast, i would like to see most of you handle a car over 100mph! do any of you actually own and drive a car?
  4. dude id say a good 50% of members here are adults, maybe not in the noob forums but in the normal ones, probobly much more then 50%. i am and adult but frankly i dont own a car haha.

  5. My other user accnt had 30,000 posts. I know most of the other members. 90% are under 17. The ones that are older are lost in this consumer nation looking for the next best thing on youtube.

    If you are infact adult, why waste time with a comment on the internet?

    Don't fall victum to opinions of the rest of the world. Actions produce results.
  6. Speed in essense doesn't really matter.

    I agree with Atomic, it's just a number. There are few places and opportunities to reach such insanely high speeds. And in the end it's nothing but a case of "my car has a higher top speed than your's."
  7. I've close to 275 KMH on my bike..( roughly 170 mph) and I'll tell you 190 mph in or on ANYTHING would be very fast..but 100 mph does not feel all that fast..i'm sure several people have done that here..or at least i hope they would before they knock the " slow" topspeed of this car..if they haven't then maybe they shouldn't call it slow
  8. an F1 driver
  9. I once drove 265 kph (165 mph) and i almost shit my pants. The top speed isn't really the main attraction of this car. I would guess it handles like a GOD.
  10. It's not Slow. EVERYONE knows AMG / HWA doesn't produce cars that tpo 320km/h. It's their principle and NO ONE can do anything about it.
  11. if a car has to power to hit 191, then it obviously will accelerate from 30mph-90mph way faster then a car that tops out at say 140, its a race car, its geared to run a track.
  12. best i did was with my 65 chrysler. 135-140mph (spedo only goes to 120) Highway, straight section naturally.
  13. Fail. All of it.
  14. hahahahahahahahahaha.

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