1940 Ford Pickup w/ telletubie grill???

Discussion in '1959 Chevrolet Corvette' started by mudwhumper, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. looks evil.... hellbent on warping little childrens minds w/ images of gay aliens and psychopathic purple dynosaurs... im just wondering where to light the fuse to blow the damned thing off the ground... literaly! maybe they will equip them with Firestones if it goes production... hrmmm... wouldnt want barneybits on my front lawn though... even the name of the truck appeals to younger males, an M-80... a firecracker... loud BANG then nothing... hrmmm, maybe im catching on to something the designers were thinking... just hope they packed it with enough firepower to last a good 10 years or so...

    heh, its sad, its top speed is only 100 mph... my friend had his '94 Ford Escort Wagon (stock w/ an automatic tranny) up to 110mph... you know its bad when an Escort Wagon can pass you like your standing still... (ofcourse, it did take him most of the highway to get to that speed...)<!-- Signature -->

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