1954 Porsche 356 Bent-Window Coupe by Reutter

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    Porsche 356 Bent-Window Coupe by Reutter 1954
    Porsche 356 Bent-Window Coupe by Reutter '1954 s.jpg
    1954 Porsche 356 "bent-window" Coupe Coachwork by Reutter Chassis no. 52410 Engine no. 33413
    *1488cc opposed four cylinder engine
    *Twin Solex 32 PBI carburetors
    *Four-speed manual transmission
    *One of 814 1954-model Reutter Coupes
    *Early example of the legendary 356
    *Many original early production features
    Flat, bent, curved in those three words we can find a very abbreviated history of the Porsche 356. The very first automobile that rolled out of Dr. Ferdinand Porsche's rustic little Austrian workshop under his own name, the immortal 1948 356-001 prototype roadster, had two separate flat glass panels comprising its windshield. That design trait was echoed in the subsequent 356 models of 1950 and 1951, but in 1952, Porsche adopted a single-piece, "bent" windshield that was used until the launch of the 356A with its more modern curved glass in late 1955. The 1954 model year also saw Porsche adopt chromed horn grilles installed next to the front parking lamps and spring-loaded windshield wipers that now both parked on the left-hand side of the windshield. This numbers-matching "bent-window" coupe was built by the Reutter werke halfway through the 1954 series production total of 814. It was equipped with a 1488 cc Type 546 Normal engine producing 55 hp at 4400 rpm. Compression was a mild 7.1 to 1 to accommodate the inconsistent fuel quality of the day. Gas was fed to the opposed four-cylinder air-cooled motor via a pair of Solex 32 PBI carburetors. The transmission, also original, is a four-speed manual running through a single dry-plate clutch, brakes are drum all around, and the car wears correct 3.25 x 16-inch steel "open" wheels with correctly-sized tires. Hard-to-find directionally-vented trim rings are installed. The standard fuel tank holds 13.5 gallons and there is a 1.5 gallon reserve. Electrics are six-volt. The Oregon vendor states that he has owned this little coupe for about nine years, having purchased it from the Sacramento, California area. Its previous history is unknown. It is believed to have been restored about 20 years ago, but the vendor had it carefully repainted by Tom Black in Portland in original and correct #501 black lacquer. The interior is original and excellent, with wine red "B" leatherette seats and trim with brown carpeting. The original Telefunken AM-band radio and unusual 1954-only pneumatic Stork fuel level gauge that's hand-operated remain in the dashboard. A Stork combination oil temperature gauge that reads both Celsius and Fahrenheit is an intriguing feature. A chromed "grab handle" is mounted at the right side of the dashboard. The engine compartment is fitted with the correct vinyl noise-reducing upholstery panels.
  2. Simply stunning! I'm curious now, of how much is it worth in todays market.
  3. whoa, where'd you find the high res images of the bonhams auction?
  4. :)
  5. Sold for US$93,600 at19 Jan 2012
    Arizona, Scottsdale
  6. awesome <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
  7. And I'm sure it was worth every penny,( at least that's my opinion) You mention Scottsdale Arizona, would that have been The Barrett- Jackson auction, and thanks for the great hi-res pictures also.
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    more images

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  9. My bad, I wasn't paying attention.
  10. God magnificent piece of machinery! The 356 IS the most beautiful Porsche ever!
  11. nice, tires are too skinny though.
  12. not for me.
  13. I love that interior.
  14. that thing is gorgeous. i loooove the headon shot
  16. Most definitelly!!
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    Porsche 356 Bent-Window Coupe by Reutter '1954 e.jpg
  19. I love that.
  20. Looking good? Porsche 356 Bent-Window Coupe by Reutter '1954 side.jpg Porsche 356 Bent-Window Coupe by Reutter '1954 sr.jpg
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