1967 Chevy Impala and 2007 LP640 Drawings

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  1. I made the Impala in an attempt to improve at non wedge style/non lambo shaped, cars.

    took 30-40 minutes roughly. the drawing itself is rouhgly 3x8 inches on. I had to look off a picture.

    The LP640 drawing was off memory except the rims. took about an 1 hour- 1.25 hours since I had chosen one of the hardest angles to draw a lambo. that angle was a #%!@!

    please post comments. and be as honest as possible.

    Nima N
  2. Windshield-meets-hood proportions are a bit off on the LP640. Car seesms compressed.
  3. Nice job on the wheels and you don't need to label every car you draw.
  4. I think both drawings are pretty nice
  5. It seems the drawings are not that big. The bigger you draw them, the more detailed they get. And the better they look.

    Otherwise good work.
  6. i like your drawings, keep up the good work, and i believe that you will get amazing drawings out of your pencil!
  7. I think it was meant to be a little cartoonish...wheels are way too big
  8. took you way too long to draw those... lol
  9. yes. but the angle for the LP640 was insane. I just COULDNT get the perspective right and it still didnt come out as well as it could have.
  10. if you throw it out there as a cartooned one it looks good.

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