1967 XR-7 G and GTE COUGARS!!!!

Discussion in '1970 Mercury Cougar Eliminator' started by 71HemiCuda, Aug 10, 2002.

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    i love my XR-7. i got a black '67 with a 390, and i put enough light weight parts on it to lower it to 3000lbs and boosted it 2 520hp! it flies. if u ever see a black one in vancouver with sweet crome mags and really wide tires in the back its me, and i can waste almost any ricer around and most muscle cars too.
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    actaully i lied, i dont have a cougar, i just described the one i have in gt2, but i (l) so much. this is one of my favourite muscle cars and i wish i had wut i said i had.
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    I agree. I've got one in gt2. Take the mufflers off (normal exhaust)put a 5 speed tranny on and shift with manual gears.Change up at 4500 revs. Turn the TV up. Loud. It probably is the best sounding car on GT2. ( it has the same engine as the mustang in Bullitt).

    I'm hoping to get a real car soon, GT2 is just making up for it. In england fuel is not cheap and sometimes the insurance is more expensive than the car if you are under 25 and your car is a bit faster than walking.
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