1973 Porsche 911 2.8 RSR

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  2. Nice, but you could by a couple of Carrera GTs for that price.
  3. Seems a little high.
  4. awesome but thats tooo expensive
  5. funny how you all claim how outrageously expensive it is, yet a ferrari that had a similar racing history would be worth thrice this and be a "good deal"
  6. thats coz its a ferrari, duh <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/disappointed.gif"></A>
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    1973 PORSCHE 911 2.8 RSR

    --Light Yellow with Black interior, M491 factory conversion, matching numbers (Serial # 911 360 0756) (Production # 103 4970) (Production date: 02/1973) (Engine # 6930114) (Gearbox # 7931024), excellent provenance with Sebring history.

    Factory options include: 220 Limited Slip Differential, Special Gear Ratios & Black Lettering.

    This 2.8 RSR was delivered new to Gary Edgerton in California. It was entered soon thereafter in the 1973 Sebring 12 Hours where it finished 4th overall with Gary Egerton and Elliot Forbes Robinson driving. It was later sold to Jim Cook Racing and raced for several years in the USA in the IMSA GT Championship. It was later converted to 74 RSR body work and engine. Later in life it was sold to George Eckert, New Orleans, it was not raced but instead was in line for a full restoration. It was not restored and subsequently sold/purchased by Lloyd Hawkins (a racer and collector) who’s personal restoration shop Rennsport restored it back to its original "As Delivered Condition". It was owned by Mr. Hawkins and housed in his personal collection for a short period of time until being sold on. Since this time it has been well-known to Autosport Designs, Inc., having been sold and serviced by us to date.

    Currently owned by Autosport Designs, Inc., it has recently been fully serviced and is currently in absolutely exceptional restored condition throughout.

    >>> www.autosportdesigns.com/Sales/Salesphotos.aspx?ID=1510
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    there always is a cheaper and better looking alternative:


    --White with Blue Graphics, 47,000 original miles, 15x7” & 15x8” wheels.

    This Carrera RS serial # 911 360 1189, Engine # 6631154, Gearbox # 831137 is a matching numbers example.

    This RS # 911 360 1189 was a complete nut and bolt restoration restored in 1990. Previous to this it was a Team Lowenbrau Car in Germany. It is equipped with a rare 110 liter plastic fuel tank, Original RS Lightweight Duck tail, rare because of its aluminum base as well as RS/RSR Lightweight Glaverbel rare quarter glass. In 1992 this RS took 2nd place in the San Diego, California Porsche Parade concours.

    This RS is proper, honest, straight and well maintained throughout and drives as it should.

    This RS is available with recent ownership and maintenance history and owner’s manual.


    >>> www.autosportdesigns.com/Sales/Salesphotos.aspx?ID=1481
  9. I like Porsches and all, but classic racing Ferraris are on another level. They just are.
  10. Well you'd be wrong.
  12. The price ruins the fun. You cant toss something that expensive around a track.
  13. no u
  14. i never understood why though. They did the same thing and often lost to the porsches, yet are worth many times more simply because of the name on them.
  15. too pricey for a rsr but cool car though
  16. the car is awesome, but for that kind of money you get a carrera gt & 993 turbo & 73 rsr replica...
  17. And design. Looks are a factor too in my book. Sure you could have a winning early 70s 911 RSRSRSRSRSR in the garage, but it barely looks any different to Joe Blow than how the first 912 rolled off the line.
  18. wut about the 917s vs the 512s?

    edit: or the fact that a 1955 550A\1500RS with a class win at lemans (for sale for 1.05M euros currently) is worth less than a shitload of pre 1960 ferraris. Hell any ferrari pre 1960 that raced is prob worth more.
  19. Both worth a pretty penny
  20. i know, but still. THe 512s got their asses ruined by the 917s and are somehow worth more (minus a few key 917s, like the steve mcqueen, pink pig, or the /30s).
  21. goddamn they're doubling and tripling prices so quickly, I'll never be able to get one.
  22. Thems fightin words.

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