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  1. Period pictures

    want the 1st row right car, looks awesome
  2. Period pictures

    i want one of those appples
  3. Period pictures

    i have posted these in the Trucks and Motorcycles forum
  4. Period pictures

    life is simple
  5. Period pictures

    awesome picture
  6. Period pictures
  7. Period pictures

    read this ...
  8. Period pictures

    King od spain Alfonso XIII and his 1930 Duesenberg J
  9. Period pictures

    Model A assembly line
  10. Period pictures

    Hudson founder Roy D. Chapin in 1909
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  12. Period pictures
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    all 1270 pages ? lol
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    no way, but i as check that thread on weekly basis since it was started.
  17. Period pictures

    very cool thread, thanks for sharing your archives
  18. Period pictures

    What car IS that?
  19. Period pictures

    well, it is a 2 seater race car deisnged by H.M. Walters in around 1925 and it has 344cc engine with 3 speed gearbox and wooden chassis
  20. Period pictures

    this is very intersting, 1911 fiat s76 it has four cylinde 28.3 litre engine
  21. Period pictures

    yea, from a airship...
  22. Period pictures

    It was normal for the record cars of old to use aeronautic engines to put out huge amounts of power. No R&D at the time so you had to be crafty to build a record car... and perfectly mad to drive it!

    The car that always comes to mind is the White Triplex...
  23. Period pictures

    haha yea, had 2 engines side by side and another one in front... and at first didn't have a reverse gear.
  24. Period pictures

    Well, in fact it never did. The way they had to reverse it, if I'm not mistaken, was to fit an electric motor driving the rear wheels through a belt... which didn't work much, since the compression of the three engines would blow the electric motor up... insane machine.
  25. Period pictures

    those wheels look so inadequate. They mus be cryin.

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