1976 Mercedes 300D, Paging TSCM

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Marki, Nov 8, 2015.

  1. Theres one of these for sale near me. Looks to be in decent shape, not sure of mileage, gonna call the guy tomorrow.

    Doing some research seems like paying more than 4,000 for one of these is too much. What are common issues, what can I expect in ownership? These old Benz diesels are supposed to be tanks I hear?
  2. Everything is a problem with these. Buuut you can run it on used cooking oil with very little work and money
  3. If you are too poor to afford the maintenance and/or spare parts on an a vintage mercedes, then don't buy one because it will cost you an arm and a leg and you won't be able to fix it. The old benz are tanks for the ones who are enough careful and who do maintenance meticuloulsy but not for people like you.
  4. oh please
    these things are swarming the third world
    you can keep the on the road with zip ties and pig fat
  5. *cast's fishing line*

    once again hemi doesn't know what the #$%# he's talking about.

    and now, we wait.
  6. I had a 1971 Mercedes 250 overheat on me in a Home Depot parking lot. Cool car though.
  7. They're neat, quirky, unusual, and interesting, and all those good things, but I don't care what anyone says, they're just awful terrible bad no good to drive.

    Wait, weren't all those automatics? 80HP and a four speed auto, better start planning now for your freeway merge two weeks from now.
  8. Lol guys let him buy it then see the torrent of work it needs for safety inspection and then he will be stuck with an old useless Benz
  9. I'm sorry to burst your bubble, but Hemi is right.

    Here, in North America, those old Benz, especially diesel are a money pit. Maintenance and parts are expensive, also, back in the 70's, nobody bought diesel powered cars here because gasoline was dirt cheap. At 20 cents a liter, people would much prefer a gasoline engine. Because of the rarity, finding parts will be a challenge. And those diesel wouldn't start when temps dips below -10 Celcius.

    Yes, there tanks alright, if the owners took good care of it. If not, it's an expensive car to fix.

    Me personnally, I would stay away, unless TSCM lived in Montreal.
  10. I'd have my mechanic take a look at it.

    I kind of just want it as a fun, weekend car around town. I have my daily driver for day to day shit.
  11. Come on mate, have you lost your verres à double foyer?

    I'll make my trolling more obvious next time.
  12. I have an 83 300D. I don't like it.
  13. $4,000 sounds about $3,000 too much.
  14. Those cars don't seem fun at all
  15. Everyone tends to think "oh its cool, a slow car can still be fun!" because they're thinking it will be like, modern Corolla slow or something.

    My '01 Golf TDI was a slow car, 0-60 in the 10s range, it was livable, but not even remotely fun.

    Those mid 70s 300Ds with the automatic, ran 0-60 in 15s when they were new.
  16. I thought my Volvo 700s were fun, but that was more for the comedy factor than driving pleasure.

    Still got an indicated 140mph in the Turbo though - that was noisy.
  17. Yeah, the 300 probably won't break 80.
  18. Didn't Robot Jim have a 1960s 250 or something?
  19. I had a 1971 450slc. And that car alone stopped me from ever wanting to own another mercedes. It was fairly quick forbids age. But it always had something wrong with it. The second I'd fix something, something else would break. And it was a show car. Not an everyday driver. Parts are extremely expensive and usually have to be hunted for and shipped.

  20. Because you know about you are talking about? Mercedes vintage parts aren't cheap. Count also how many cars you have had and how careless you were, I wouldn't count on some like you with two left hands for a meticulous car maintenance or tuneup.
  21. Is your mechanic a certified vintage mercedes benz repairer? If not drop it, it will become far too expensive for your own revenues. Not for people who have no money or can't work with their hands
  22. I actually said in this thread that it was a troll post, and the wording of the post itself alludes to it being a troll post, and you still reply?

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  24. as stated already parts won't be cheap but they are available. everything is rebuildable in old Mercs (but cost a god damn fortune to do so). if you're using it for fun and its not in too bad of shape it could be a fun little car. rust is the main thing to look out for though as anything that lives in the area that we inhabit cause alot of those issues.
  25. seriously smart cars are so fun for that.

    also 700 series volvos are awesome as long as they don't have the V6

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