1983 SVO ??

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    I doubt it, lol
  2. The Mustang SVO productions years where 1984 to 1986. They never was a 1983 SVO.
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    You right !!! Maybe that's why we can't see any picture !!!

    They're still looking for !!!<!-- Signature -->
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    Hopefully they will fix the problem sooner or later.<!-- Signature -->
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    Why do you doubt that?
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    Well, took 7 months but now it's fix.
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    I know a guy with the Turboed 83 SVO.
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    they produced the SVO from '84 to '86. They also made the Fox body Thunderbirds with this engine from '83 to '88, Cougars from '84-'86, and all Meruker XR4Ti's. I know this because I drive a tc. They made the turbo coupes and xr7's from '83-'86 with a garret T3 turbo, the same as the SVO stang, and in '87-'88 they changed it to an IHI turbo for the T-bird and added an intercooler, because the Supercharged 3.8 they were working on wasn't ready for '87, and was pushed back to '89. the stangs were rated at 170-205hp, and the gen-II turbo coupes had 190hp (I've heard 195hp).
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    In 1983 Ford sold turbo-charged Mustangs. They were not badged as an SVO (in fact some had a small Ghia badge on the trunk). Not that it matters, but an Escort GT or EXP could also be had with a turbo.
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    I think Mustang are a little over rated. Even the Shelby 500KR is even over rated for the money you could buy a little sport compact car and make it in to a high performance machine. I know the rareness and they look nice but comon all that weight. All my friends say they would kill and sport compact car if they had one. This is just an opinion. I just wana know what u think about this.

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    you need to remember, most of the performance numbers to see for these muscle cars were with the crapppy bias ply tires of hte day.

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