1985 Maserati BiTurbo turned in as clunker

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  1. from mchs sig
    first i had his direct quote, then vicous modified it and it gets better daily
  2. I don't think technically they have to crush the car. They only have to disable the engine to get the $4500 reimbursement from Uncle Same.

    However, if the customer demands their scrap value, I'm sure they have to scrap the whole car, in which case the VIN is documented as being a scrap.
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  4. lol @ concept.
  5. zeh onry stimulus program that works had to be a german one ;-)
  6. that should only be available for US-made cars, encourage the country! not the infidels!
  7. It's a shit program.
  8. What a moron! I dont care if the BiTurbo is ugly...

    I dislike this cash for clunkers program.
  9. #$%#ing commies.

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