1986 Switec-Porsche 962C

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    Listed on PistonHeads:

    The Porsche 962 is a legend in Group C sports-prototype racing, having being raced by such legends as Derek Bell, Jochen Mass, Mario and Michael Andretti in such iconic races such as Le Mans and Daytona 24 hours.

    Constructed over a 4-year period, between 2001 and 2005, by ex Sauber Chief Engineer Ernest Schlaepfer in New Zealand at a cost of 2m USD. The car was built utilizing a sanctioned by Porsche Aluminium Fab Car IMSA chassis. Equipped with an exquisitely finished full carbon fibre "long tail" body, leather trimmed bucket seats with six point harnesses, air conditioning, collapsible steering column and detachable Momo racing wheel.

    Quite possibly the most amazing road car in existence this represents an extremely rare opportunity to own a road registered example, complete with valid UK V5 document and MOT certificate

    Approved by Le Mans legend and 962 driver, Derek Bell. The quality of engineering and workmanship is second to none. Perfect panel gaps and immaculate throughout and most recently was tested by ex Formula 1 and Le Mans driver Slim Borgudd who gave the car a most satisfactory thumbs up.



    Freshly Built Mid-Mounted, Air-cooled 6 Cylinder Boxer Engine
    3600cc, bore 100.00 m, stroke 76.4mm
    Twin Garrett Turbos, Intercooled, 6 Individual Throttle Bodies
    Max Power 580bhp @ 5500rpm
    Max Torque 741nm @ 4500 rpm
    Max Boost 1.3 Bar
    Dry Sump with Oil Thermostat and Cooler
    Belt Driven Fan / Alternator, Hydraulic Pump and Air Conditioning Compressor
    Autronic Engine Management with Closed Loop Lamda System
    Custom Built Stainless Steel Exhaust System
    Dual Catalytic Converters

    Drive Train

    5 Speed, Synchromeshed Porsche supplied Race Box
    Cast Magnesium Gearbox and Bellhousing
    H Pattern, Dog Leg Manual Gearbox
    Limited Slip Differential
    SACHS Single Plate Sinter Clutch


    Double Wishbone front suspension
    Rocker Wishbone rear suspension
    Cast Magnesium Uprights, Titanium Hubs, Single Centre Wheel nut
    Fully Adjustable Koni Shock Absorbers, Eibach Coil Springs
    Hydraulic Ride Height Adjustment
    3 Piece Alloy Wheels with Billet Machined Centre
    Wheel Size: Front - 11" x 17"
    Rear - 13" x 17"

    Tyre Size Front - Michelin 275/40 ZR17
    Rear - Michelin 335/35 ZR17

    Brake System

    Brembo 4-pot Callipers, Adjustable Brake Balance.
    350mm diameter Floating Brembo Discs
    Separate Brembo Handbrake Callipers on Rear Uprights
    Brake Cooling Ducts Front and Rear


    Autronic Engine Management System with Data Logging Capability
    12v Ah Battery
    Tilton Starter with Inbuilt reduction drive
    Air-conditioning System
    Electric Mirrors
    Reverse Sensors


    830kg (dry)


  2. Sick, but I'd rather have the Dauer
  3. It's having an age crisis. The headline says 1986, but the info says 2005.
  4. love the profile.
  5. so sexy, what a beast
  6. Id rather have the DP... since it was the first.
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  10. rear tires look so puny and skinny
  11. Since when is 335 skinny?
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  13. since when are you retarded?

    god i want tihs car. someday ill owna 962
  14. A 1/18 scale one maybe
  15. ya and a real one
  16. lol no
  17. haha how many porsches have you owned?

    ya, thought so
  18. Not necessarily
    I can buy a kit for a 1965 cobra and build it next year. Its still technically a 1965 cobra it was just constructed and assembled in 2011/2012
    The info just says its a 1986 model that was built between 2001-2005

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