1987 Buick Grand National GNX with 9 miles

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Spyder757, Nov 6, 2007.

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  4. Yeah it is. The GN had alot of technology that made its way down to the regular 3.8 (DIS, Sequential Port fuel injection, etc.) to make my car much better to drive. Plus was the grand finale in the production Turbo Buicks. The GN pretty much can match any 455 powered Skylark, while getting resonable fuel economy, better ride, handling (lol), etc.
  5. you are not very smart...
  6. its a buick ffs.
  7. excellent response, you should join the debate team.
  8. call me ignorant, but whats the story behind this car then? why is it special?
  9. Only a few hundred built, among the very fastest cars you could buy in the world, definitely from the US, in 1987. 0-60 in the mid to high 4s, which is unheard of for the time.
  10. oh ok then, looks pretty tame to be able to yield that performance. was it an homologation model then?
  11. 245hp out of a 3.8 turbo engine... wow
  12. I know all of this. I was more talking about it's looks and just overall coolness factor IMO than anything real. Which it has plenty of of course, but like I said I don't think it totally trumps some of the other great Buicks of the past. They're all about equal in terms of awesome IMO. If nothing else the GN does deserve mad props mostly because it was so awesome during the 80s (when everything else sucked) while the 60s Buicks were awesome in an era where everything was awesome.
  13. It's called being underrated yo. We Americans do this from time to time to hide how awesome our engines are from insurance companies. We don't use tiny anemic engines where we have to state their actual max power to try and impress people, we can impress them while understating. And YES 245HP was impressive in the 80s. Show me a more badass engine in a car as reasonably priced as a turbo Buick.
  14. My high school had a 5.0 with 4 miles on it and I graduated in 2002.
  15. It's laughable only because anyone who has ever seen one perform knows that Buick was joking when they stated that figure. In truth, it actually makes closer to 300hp.
  16. Not to mention it is possible to push it to over 600hp laughably easily.
  18. You don't see Buick and $100000 in the same sentence/page very often. I can't imagine how this car never was driven.
  19. wow
  20. Nope, no homologation. Just Buick deciding to be ultra-badass for a change.
  21. hp/l means everything
  22. Rated at 276, 245 was for the 'regular' GNs.
  23. its the 80's. and if im right around 400 ft/lbs?
  24. 360.
  25. Good 'nuff.

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