1988 Jaguar XJ6

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  1. Where is the switch to open the gas door?
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    <b>Where is the switch to open the gas door?</b></blockquote><center><hr width="90%"></center><!-- END QUOTE -->who knows man, who knows...<!-- Signature -->
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    the gas door i believe is towards the front.
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    Are you american and by gas door do you mean fuel flap?

    The fuel flap (located at the rear of the car) does not have a switch, you push it then it pops open, if this mechanism fails DO NOT pay to get it fixed thats a rip off! open the boot and look underneath where the fuel flap is, u should see a petrol pump sticker, if not its fallen off, under there somewhere is the emergency release switch! push it and then refil! my dad had this prob with his ageing xj6 and my mum could never find the thing so my dad showed me how to do it!

    If your not talkin about the fuel flap and actually something else really obvious that i have missed dnt take the piss, i am very tired at the moment lol!!
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    just wondering, wat has the XJ6 gotta do with the XJ220?
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    What idiot amde this discussion. XJ6? wtf? Get a life loser. And who the #$%# cares wehre the gas tank opener is, point me to the GAS PEDAL!
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    shut up
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    Who cares man, who cares...?

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