1989 Landcruiser

Discussion in 'Asian Forums' started by Zonda F Turbo, Feb 25, 2009.

  1. OK Im thinking of selling my 1984 Toyota Supra so I can get an 89 Landcruiser. In the part of Arizona im in, an offroad vehicle would be a lot more fun/practical. I figured the brilliant minds of sc.net would have some opinions on whether or not to do it so lets hear it!

    Supra or Landcruiser?

    (Pics relaed, theyre the actual ones. My Supra and possible LC.)
  2. Info on the Landcruiser?
  3. LandCruiser man.
  4. Those Land Cruisers can survive a nuclear holocaust.
  5. landcruiser with big bfg all terrains
  6. dam, both desireable, hmmmm, im gunna go with the LC if you think you'll take it off road. they're solid as hell too, especially the diesel models.
  7. lancruiser
  8. Yeah Im leaning towards the LC because I have a few friends with 4x4's, and I can never go. The only thing with the LC is that it has 220k miles, but then again like what was mentioned above, they last forever.

    I believe its the 6cyl, has Auto transmission, and pretty much everything is there and works properly. My Supra is a bit of a rarity because it has a very low mileage 6MGE in it, and its fun as hell, but only on the tarmac. I want something that will be fun everywhere...
  9. SupraCruiser with the 1UZFE.
  10. get the landcruiser and give my your supra.
  11. you can buy my supra for 2600
  12. '89 Landcruisers won't disappoint.
  13. Landcruiser, but damn, I wish cars stayed as well preserved here, that Supra is in great shape.
  14. Yeah that's the one thing I love about Arizona. Screw the good weather and beautiful scenery, AZ has the best used cars.

    And no one is calling about my Supra, I'm getting worried because this LC may sell soon. :[
  15. SupraMan
  16. depends what your gonna do for fun, off roadn landcruiser, racen supra, personaly i would take the supra cause im not that into off roadn, but its your money get which ever pleases you most
  17. whats roadn and racen?
  18. idiot for roading/racing
  20. post it up on aztoyota.org
  21. slang for roading and racing, as in off roading and racing
  22. Never ever use those again. If you want to use roadin' and racin' like all the proper lazy people then fine, but let's not add letters where they don't belong, ok?
  23. proper lazy people, what is that theres no such thing as a proper lazy person

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