1993 - Ferrari vs. Lambo- Head to head!

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Lars87, May 30, 2011.

  1. Say what?
  2. For me:

    F 40
    288 GTO
    512 TR or Testarossa
    512 BB
    360 spyder
    575 Maranello

    are way before the F355...

    But probably the one Id most like is the 288 GTO or the F40

  3. Of those all you'll own is a Fiero F40

    god damn gyppo
  4. working on them I developed such a hate for the 355 I doubt I could ever own one. the Testerossa/512 on the other hand I would buy one in a heart beat.
  5. lol dinks in here talking about wiener ferraris. That lamborghini is raw as #$%#
  6. Lol wtf dude did your parents keep you caged up in a basement until.you were 21?
  7. um hes still caged up in a basement
  8. hey daddy-o, i don't wanna go, down to the basement
  9. yeah that was kinda weird, but we're back in the basement.
  10. perhaps. I am just listing my favorites.
  11. and I WILL own a Ferrari 308 GTB or GTS in the future.
  12. No, I just didn't spend my childhood glued to the computer. Ferrari only has so much market penetration in the backwoods of Michigan.
  13. Instead of buying 1 Ferrari you can buy 100,000 gordita crunches. Owned
  14. the testarossa is one my favorite ferraris alongwith the 512bb,the 308gtb quatro valvole and the 288gto. I always remember the white 512 tr from miami vice.
  15. Nice shots. You're a lucky man. Drive the snot out of it for the rest of us.
  16. I hate how white looks on the testarossa.
  17. My roommate has a Testarossa. Pretty cool car.

    He borrowed my Volvo once because he didn't want to park the Ferrari anywhere near the shopping mall. Pretty fun switch from 512 to 244 I bet.

    Nice pictures, enjoy the car.
  18. If your roommate can afford a testarossa then surely he can afford his own place
  19. your steeringwheel is on the wrong side!
  20. Oh god dammit. Now I have to go back the the Car Comparisons forum and add a Testarossa and a Diablo 6.0 to my list.
  21. If he had his own place, maybe he can't buy the testie.

    Besides, I kinda liked having roomies, as long you can find good ones.
  22. handsome, neat ones
  23. i doubt you'll be able to fit in one.

    I sat in a 328 GTS a few years back, and with the seat all the way back on its runners my knees still came up really close to the steering wheel, and my head brushed against the roof quite noticeably.
  24. ive been in a 308. could fit, but not comfortably. and as remington is quite a bit fatter/bigger than me, i doubt hell fit.
  25. He's still a college student, he just "invests" his money in cars. He's selling his Lamborghini Urraco because it's a constant money drain though. Also he's got a Fiat Dino 2400 and a BMW 2000CS. Some other cars as well.

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