1995 Golf CL

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  1. 1995 Golf CL
    A little under 185k
    1.8L 4 cylinder
    5 Speed
    Recaro Racing Seats
    Sparco Steering wheel and pedals
    Autometer Air/Fuel and Boost guages in A-pillar (boost is reading engine vacuum)
    Wings west body kit
    Tour de France Ferrari blue paint
    17" White TSW rims wrapped in BRAND NEW Falken Ziex ZE-512
    JVC KD-LH300 Head unit
    15" Pioneer IMPP sub in a sealed box
    Euro style single wiper blade
    Hella lights all the way around (headlights, turnsignals, tailights, side markers)

    -Drivers seat rewelded (brackets were broken)
    -Tires new as of Oct 19
    -Passenger door locking mechanism replaced with VW original part
    -hooked up Air/Fuel Guage
    -Fixed front bezel on sub (reglued)

    I would buy this if I had the cash, black out the headlights, and change the front bumper. The guy wants $6500cdn, obo for it.
  2. Not diggin the body kit.
  3. He does only want 6500 for it, though.
  4. have seen much much better ones IRL..
  5. I hope it blows up
  6. i think its a nice ride.. dont change the front bumper tho the arches are molded in and it would look wierd.

    NICE E30 Recaros i believe
  7. the aftermarket headlights are garbage. and the white rims..are too white
  8. I like how much the rims contrast with he body.
  9. 6500?? lol
  10. mm..well it looks quite nice overall and the rims are ok , but this white hursts my eyes
  11. Buy a real car mate
  12. The only Volkswagen I like is the R32. The rest suck.

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