1998 Camaro SS owns ALL mustangs

Discussion in '1998 Chevrolet Camaro SS Coupe' started by bigvic, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. 1998 Camaro SS is by far more superior than any ford ever made regardless how much horsepower the ford has.
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    Shut up, just because mustangs suck doesn't mean you have to dis all fords
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    Although I am a much bigger fan of Chevys as opposed to Fords, you go too far when you say ALL Mustangs. The Cobra R and the new SVT would both destroy your precious little Camaro.<!-- Signature -->
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    You go to far by calling the SS a precious little car, the car's a damn beast.Ibanez I respect your opinion so respect mine.
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    Stop me if I am wrong but isn't the Cobra R an SVT. I also think its sad that the Lightning is faster then a Mustang SVT. The Saleen Mustanges are cooler then cobras.<!-- Signature -->
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    Yes, the Cobra R is SVT. The only stock SVT that MAY be able to beat a SS is the new 2003, but I have only heard rumors about numbers and no real proof. Even the rumors seem slow for making 390hp. If anyone knows where to find accurate numbers I am interested. I'm also not impressed with the fact that the only stock mustangs that hang with the SS have superchargers. I know a guy with a supercharged 97 SS that is near 500hp!! The only other mod is cold air induction. He kills a supercharged Saleen that some kid in town has at the track everytime. I'm looking to supercharge my SS but don't have the money yet.<!-- Signature -->
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    I guess this is an old post or something but anyways, the 03 cobra is rating at 390 hp, with 384 hp to the wheels, but its UNDERRATED, since dyno has proved to be around 410-420 hp at the flywheel. and the exact times are 12.56 i dont know at what MPH, its late and i dont feel like going and finding the magazine. Interesting fact though. New gears, exhausts, air silencer removed and intake boosted the cobra to 11.99. Now thats impressive.
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    you say that with that done 11.99? but i'm at the drags all the time. i talked to a kid who has a 2003 cobra an it only ran a 12.9 with out his nos. and he has all the mods the u put down and he runs slicks. so don't try to pull that crap on me. u have to be a damn good driver to get a 11.99 out of ur mods buddy with the nos he run a 11.88!
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    The SVT can't beat the SS, but I know the Cobra R sure as hell would kill this car.
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    Yes it would.

    LOL, I have a clip of a STOCK WRX family wagon making the SS its ***** at the dragstrip if anyone cares to see. (and I'll tell you right now, the Camaro driver didn't suck, he ran very low 13's)

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