1st Annual Google SketchUp Competition!

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    The rules are that you are going to make a completely original, road legal, sports car. All submissions have to be from SketchUp and will be due in exactly one month from now! Good luck!

    Where do I download Google SketchUp?

    OSX & Windows 2000/XP

  2. 1st Annual Steal My Brilliant Ideas Competition! NO THANKS!!!
  3. hahaha seriously. Just like in 4th #$%#ing grade when we had 'invent-America' where every student made an invention.

    I won most enviornmental and 1 year later saw the EXACT #$%#ing thing I made in a catalogue. Bastard-ass thieves.
  4. might be the 1st Annual Help Out GM Competition
  5. Lol I tried some stuff but damn it's hard when you first try it
  6. Yeah, it's like those "invention assistance" or some shit commercials you see on TV. They always make me laugh. Not just because I just picture them stealing everyone's ideas, but because I like it when the guy bolts wheels onto shoes and is like "GOD DAMN IT!" when he sees someone rollerblading past his house.

    EDIT: What'd you invent?
  7. haha yes.

    It was back when recycling was so cool and super fun! I just took this big rubbermaid trashcan and mounted a can crusher to the lid so that the can would fall into the trashcan after you crushed it. Simple as hell but still.

    We got one of those general catalogues that had all sorts of shit like chia pets and fake rocks you hide your house key in and all that, then I turn the page and see the same exact trashcan with the same exact crusher at the same exact spot. Raped.

    EDIT: Pretty much exactly #$%#ing like this, only the lid is more purpose built obviously. I shudder in thinking that is my idea right there.
  8. lol they even have those over here in my school.
  9. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/angry.gif"></A> sonofa#%!@
  10. Id like to participate if your still doing this.
  11. wut
  12. It turns out you can't make 3d car designs with the free version. Most of the designs are imported, then edited.
  13. you sure? cause i kinda made one. Well, half of one, when i try to paste the other half on it has a big line down the middle.

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