1st drive Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8

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    Trading mud for muscle

    IT CAN LUNGE from standstill to 60mph in a mere 4.9 seconds. It can round corners pulling a staggering 0.9g. And when you stomp on the brakes at 60mph it’ll halt in just 36.6m .

    Porsche’s Cayenne Turbo can’t match its blistering performance claims. BMW’s X5 and even Mercedes’ upcoming ML63 will have trouble keeping up.

    This is what happens when Chrysler’s Street and Racing Technology division gets hold of a new Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4. It creates a monster. A monster called the SRT-8.

    At its heart is a 6.1-litre version of Chrysler’s potent Hemi V8 that cranks out a 420bhp and 420lb ft of torque. All that muscle is channelled through a five-speed Autostick automatic to a beefed-up electronic all-wheel drive system.

    To ensure the SRT-8 corners as fast as it sprints, there are new Bilstein dampers, wrist-thick anti-roll bars, firmer springs and bushes and massive 225/45ZR front and 285/40ZR rear Goodyear Eagle RS-A run-flats mounted on polished 20-inch alloys.

    There’s no missing the new SRT on the street with its ground-scraping front bumper, sill extensions and a rear end dominated by a pair of sewer pipe exhausts.

    Floor the throttle from rest and there’s no scrabbly wheelspin, just a tsunami of power accompanied by a deep, bellowing soundtrack.

    What’s even more impressive is the way the SRT-8 corners. Grip is immense, there’s hardly any body roll, and when you need to stop in a hurry there are massive four-piston Brembo callipers clamping 360mm front discs.

    Yes, you’ll tire of the brittle ride and the appalling fuel economy. And don’t even think of going off-road. But when the Grand Cherokee SRT-8 lands in the UK next summer, its expected £40k price tag will make it the performance 4x4 bargain of the year.

    >>> http://www.autocar.co.uk/FirstDrive_Data.asp?RT=218033
    >>> http://www.autocar.co.uk/popups/gallery.asp?RT=218033
  2. the 300 and Magnum need that trans and rear gear too
  3. Cant wait for arguments about its "shitty" interior.

    awesome car though , a few upgrades to the engine at it can easily push 500hp.
  4. Cayenne is upping the power this year which should beat it, but it's still over double the price.
  5. The looks are still ugly, I need to see it in a different color
  6. whats the point of buying an SUV if your not going to go off road with it....what a waste...an ugly waste at that
  7. Because minivans are boring.
  8. I'm usually are for powerful cars like this but I think the new Grand Cherokee looks like shit and this is pointless.
  9. The very reason I own an SUV.
  10. Holy crap. 0.9g in an SUV??
  11. Has anyone seen the TV commercial for this yet. It's awesome.

  12. with the birds? It is pretty sweet.
  13. Yea
  14. The thing is badass and so is the commercial.

    If I had the money I'd score one right now. You get lots of space and lots of speed.
  15. exactly, you just answerd Dinans question... it goes fast and you have a place to bone your girl. its a win win situation, lets see you try that in a sports car.
  16. Bunch of mother¨*Ѩ&·"s you can't see beautyfull eyes in another face. This is the fastest and better SUV on the EARTH , you say all your crap only because it's not a Chevy , Ford or European car.

  17. Performance trucks rule, just to list some for no reason.

    SRT-8 Grand Cherokee
    SRT-10 Ram
    SVT Lightning (newer SC model)
    GMC Syclone + Typhoon
    Trailblazer SS

    Cant wait for the new regular cab, short bed Silverado SS with 400 or 500hp.
  18. its not a car its a truck
  19. #$%# yes.

    That Jeep doesn't know anything other than how to flex it's nuts and smoke the asphalt. I want it.
  20. Haha. You're retarded, kid.
  21. That's amazing performance. I want one.
  22. they need to take this fast pos fuel sucking engery hog off the road. Why do you need and suv this fast?
  23. Even though I don't like this car, you're stupid. Are you some tree humping hippy? What is wrong with over-powered badass cars?
  24. its not a car. That is what is wrong with it.

    Look the 06 z06 gets like 16/26mpg
    This gets like 12/15

    All you will ever see in these is one person driving by his/herself. Just like suburbans/Yukons etc
  25. So whats wrong with that? Why do you care what some random people drive?

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