1st Fiero With 04 GP CompG Swap

Discussion in 'Modified / Tuned Cars' started by 84FordMan, Dec 19, 2004.

  1. He started out with a 1988 Pontiac Fiero Formula and snagged a GM 3800 Series III Supercharged V6 out of a Pontiac Grand Prix CompG along with the 4T65eHD Comp G transmission. He retained EVERYTHING, PassKey, paddle shifting, body control module, powertrain control module, even the drive-by wire throttle body, another first for Fieros.
  2. hes been tring to sell the mfer, but no one wants to buy it.. its not worth the 15,000 he wants.
  3. That is pretty cool, but I agree 15k is too much.
  4. super clean
  5. nicest Fiero I've ever seen.
  6. Fiero looks hot, Swap is awesome, interior as always is lame.......
  7. I'd take it, but not for 15k.
  8. the swap is clean enough to look like factory installed/assembled, impressive.
  9. ive always loved fieros....

    i wanna see one with something completely rediculous, like a 360 swap somehow.
  10. Was the fiero mid-engined?
  11. Yes.
  12. In that first picture, it looks like he installed the new engine in the front, why would he do that and not put it in the back?
  13. The first picture was the donor car, a 2004 Pontiac Grand Prix CompG.
  14. thay explains it, thank you.
  15. You have very homosexual taste in cars.
  16. Riiight, a two-seater that with very little suspension modifications puts it above 1.17g on the skidpad and this very same engine swap putting down into the 11s and a 1.579 60 foot time. That is a very homosexual car.
  17. I know a girl who used to have an older uglier gray fiero with one headlamp stuck in the up position and a huge nasty wing. It was the ugliest car I've ever seen. This fiero, on the other hand, is actually pretty hot, in my opinion. I heard fieros have a little problem with catching fire if they're rear-ended. Is that true?
  18. No, it isn't. The first year Fieros had a problem with hoses, and had recalls to fix the problem, as they could leak fuel and catch fire.

    That's for ONLY the '84 model year, and pretty much all of them had the issue fixed. And any that have had an engine swap are no longer part of that group even if they started with an '84.
  19. Fair enough.
  20. What kind of tires were used to get 1.17g's, im sure it wasnt something you could use for practical every day driving, even if they were street legal tires they wouldnt last for more then 1 month if that. But plz if you have proof of the handeling power of this car post someting because i find that amazing.
  21. Do a V8 swap and then drop a Diablo body on it.
  22. O-Z Monte Carlo Racing Wheels 16x7.5
    Front: 215/50R16 BF Goodrich Radial Comp T/A
    Rear: 245/50R16 BF Goodrich Radial Comp T/A

    About as practical as any factory staggered setup. Proof? Hot Rod Magazine December 2001, Kit Car Magazine 1997, Fiero Owner Magazine Feb 1997. Or you can just ask Tom Mordan or Carroll Shelby, the former being the owner, the latter the one who signed the map box and dash stating, "The hot rod of the future".

    Below, a scan of the Hot Rod article and a picture of the signed dash.
  23. wow, thats very impressive. Any info on exactally what had been done to the suspension. I have always been intrested in fieros and have planed on building one with a v8 for a wile so any info would be apprecieated.
  24. too bad it's only an automatic... that engine with a five speed would have killer torque.

    nice swap, actually nice looking fiero... i see some F355 front conversion kits in the background though, yuck...

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