1st pics 2007 C 63 AMG

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  1. 1st pics C 63 AMG

    the 2007, 481 bhp Mercedes C 63 AMG spotted at the Nurburgring:
  2. C63!!
    First there was the C32, which was pretty cool, then the C55 (without Kompressor) which is a little bigger and now the 63 :D !
    Notice its not the 510bhp of the ML 63 <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
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  4. It would take a fool to not realise they'd be using the 63 in the C-class, just as they will be in all the AMG models.
  5. Overpowered POS.
  6. Godlike
  7. this is just stupid
  8. as stupid as the BMW M3 or Audi RS4
  9. way overpowered, this is supposed to go up against the M3 and RS4, 420 bhp would of been enough
  10. no, because the RS4 can handle it's 4.2 V8, which is about right for a car this size, the M3's gonna have a 4.0 V8 isn't it? thats probably right for that, but a 6.3 V8 in a car this size, just no
  11. Hooray for engine whoring
  12. Fantastic, can't wait to see it in the flesh
  13. Wait for the V12 biturbo version...
  14. yeah like audi is doing with the Lambo V10, stfu
  15. I never said that they weren't whoring the engine, and atleast they have enough brains to use the engine in theyr most expensive sedans. So next time shut up pretty boy
  16. Thanks Mercedes for offering a great engine for several car models
  17. theres nothing wrong with what AMG is doing
  18. People are just whining because they like whining
  19. Mercedes doesn't know how to build sports cars.

    SportAuto tested the CL63 AMG.It was only a few tens of a second faster than the Quattroporte which is heavier(more than 100kg) and less powerful (60hp).

  20. Woww! is fast, and beatifull. The body is simiar to S class.

  21. the CL63 isint a sports car, its a GT
  22. A63 FTW!!!!!!
  23. why is anyone surprised by this? they designed the "63" engine to be small enough to fit into a C-class...
  24. Suicide machine for yuppie suburbanites.
  25. It just seems like overkill. It might be compact for an engine its size, but I'm sure it's heavy as all f*ck.

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