1st pics 2007 C 63 AMG

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by ajzahn, Jul 17, 2006.

  1. 3 different engines would be ideal as far as displacement go, but 2 would do it.

    Also if you want to get in an argument with me you will have to try harder then that.
  2. hahah you should talk, last time we got into an arguement, Ferrucio ended up calling himself a Japanese, so stfu you filthy arab
  3. your unique perspective is often refered to as autism, again as I said before you will have to try better sweetheart.
  4. nothing wrong with engine sharing. it's the only way companies can justify coming out with new models to satisfy all our different tastes. imagine a different engine for each model, it's gonna cost alot more than what it already does i can bet on that. and as an aside, OMG I WANT the C63. what's up with these new sexy mercs? when i was growing up, mercs were boring boxes with wheels. this is not boding well for the bank acct...
  5. I AMG 63 all your moms.
  6. comes with 481bhp, and without a manual gearbox. manual? rules out suicidal in my opinion.
  7. How much will this cost ?
  8. Since RockaForte asked me to post this here:

    The trouble with Mercedes and AMG is that they have made it far, far too mainstream. BMW has the M models (in five different guises currently) and that's it. And you get the feeling that those are thoroughbred and engineered only for the driver. Now, AMG throws an engine into virtually every Mercedes there is, puts on different bumpers, brakes, and tweaks a lot of other stuff, but it is nowhere near as special as an M model BMW. AMG has whored both the 55 engine and now the 63 engine to the point that the cars lose the feeling of exclusivity and exitement. I'm not saying that they are bad cars, but AMG has simply tried to do too much.

    That is my problem with Mercedes and AMG.
  9. yeah. Next generation they will be fitting an AMG 700hp 7 liter twin turbo V12s in their A, B and C, D, E, F, G, etc. Models, lol.
  10. Lightweight and Mercedes are not related
  11. This is correct. BMW also puts a lot more work into refining their M-cars. They dont just give it a different look and more powerfull engine. they really re-engineer the car completely.
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  13. Does your train of thought have a caboose?

    M3 and RS4 are stupid? What did I miss here? I've driven both (E46 and 2007 RS4) and both were exhilerating. The c32amg sucked ass in comparison.

    My friend with the rs4:

    - drives it work downtown everyday and never has parking problems because of its size
    - drives year round (Audi 4-wheel drive + canadian winter = ecstacy),
    - Practical: has plenty of room for golf bags, mountain bikes (racks), groceries, beer (kegs), whores
    - WE LEAVE ALMOST EVERY CAR BEHIND on twisty roads or straight lines
    - and most importantly: It's understated/not too flashy to the common man = perfect in front clinets/business associates/bosses, but still a sign of success.

    Keep in mind: "Confidence comes out of humility, not arrogance". And this what this car is all about.

    I can't find one drawback/STUPID thing about the car. If you can find a better car for this application, please name one and he'll gladly upgrade.

    If this c63 amg is like any other performance mid-size sedan from MB, it won't do the trick. The car looks good though, but a bigger engine won't enable it to keep up wis zee ozer germans.

  14. Okay, I see. I'll tell him to keep his RS4 then. Ha!
  15. Make him get an E92 M3 instead.
  16. That car is going to kick ass, no doubt about it. Although the e92 would be more fun to drive during warm seasons than the RS4, it's advantage aren't grand enough to nullify the golden virtues an RS4 has in heavy canadian snow, stopping power on ice, hill climbing to the lodge, and safety.

    unless they decide to make it in a AWD, i don't think its going to happen. One of dad's friends has a 4x4 porsche as a winter car. that things is pretty cool too.

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