1st pics: AMG styling package for new CL-class

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by ajzahn, Jul 3, 2006.

  1. available from sep,30 for 5.365 EUR (ams)
  2. That's hot
  3. Mercedes Benz - The most under-rated car company in todays era
  4. Gr8 car!
    Mercedes' keep getting better!!
  6. irony at its finest
  7. Feel the finesse !
  8. WHAT !!!!!! NO DUAL EXAUST !?!?!?!

    WTF ?!?!?!?!
  9. What are you talking about?
  10. That's a nice looking Scion Tc.
  12. i still don't like too much the rear, but looks ok in general
  13. Did you only look at one picture? Try the last one.
  14. Das fazination meets bodykit
  15. I can't work out if you're joking or not. With a sentence like that, you REALLY should be.
  16. why must mercedes be so bland?
  17. Thats a pretty big improvement over the normal look.
  18. Looks nice to me also !
  19. i knew it would look better with diff wheels
  20. Looks boring and fat
  21. Not bad, but last gen design was so much better looking.
  23. huge improvements over the normal one. so much so that I'd almost even say that the CL would be was waste of money without it.

    not bad, original was so much more rockin though.
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    ahem that's a cl 600 with the body kit, not a cl 63 amg, www.leftlanenews.com

    i like the car alot, i think it's great looking, i'm european so i don't asociate the car with all those cars that you mentioned(scion and other jap and american crap), so the styling looks good to me
  25. nice front. everything else sucks.

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