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    Idiot !

    2 front seats
    2 rear seats , smaller , that's why it's a 2+2 and not a 4 places.The 2 rear seats are too small to be "real" seats.
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    Why did Ferrari put those 'fake' seats in than?
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    Probably the same reason why Porsche put them in the 924's. And no I don't know why. Family sports car image maybe?
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    I dont think this car is worth only 19,000. This cars a classic, its the only ferrari to never bear the prancing horse symbol. Not that that makes it a classic, but it was made in honour of Enzo FErraris late son.

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    because having the car designated as an occasional 4-seater (which is what 2+2 means) it gave prospective buyers a nice break when it came time to insure them. by lowering associated costs, they hoped to sell more cars.

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