2 fugly domestic ricers

Discussion in 'Modified / Tuned Cars' started by AntiPimpage, Oct 5, 2004.

  1. I think Jay's point was that Cav's are absolute shit to daily drive. He owns one, so he should know.
  2. #$%# right!
  3. Point out where his post about how no Cavalier is nice mentions ONLY daily driving. Or could even be construed to mean that.

    Sorry, you're wrong.

    A late Cavi would be a better daily driver than a Ferrari F40. Are we calling all Ferraris absolute shite, as well?

    The point is, someone posted pics of some modded Cavis. the response was not only are those not nice, there are no nice Cavis, as all of them are complete POS. Which is overstated hyperbole *at besst* and if anyone believes it or defends it as a statement of fact, they are retarded.

    I had a slow, rusty Trans Am that was a horrible daily driver. Must make all Trans Ams slow, rusty POS. I had one, I should know, right?
  4. holy tailbrake batman!!!!!!
  5. Clearly not, but when everything in the class is a better drive/driver than the cavalier, well, I'm not taking back what I said.
  6. A Cavalier was built for the same purpose as an F40? What?
  7. I have to agree with the owned statement
  8. i think he was making the point that f40's arent usually driven everyday to work, and if it was it would need extesive maintence. i would personally not buy a caviler to drive everyday, but if i was tuning one i would not mind driving it on weekends.
  9. Domestic Rice = Macaroni.
  10. Thats a good comparison.... hahaha
  11. The black one is....



    ...is...OK! Its not a bad kit at all and goes well with it. I hate to admit it...but if I had a cavy and couldnt have another car...I would probably get that kit.
  12. thumbs down to gay body kits. if ur that set on getting a damn jbody, at least get the 2.4 (or new ecotec) and keep it clean and stock looking if you need to be a rycer and are trying and do shit to it. or make it a real sleeper, not just a loud and obnoxious pos.

    but idealy, keep it stock, grat daily drivers, my moms got one. but a cavalier will never be a sports car.
  13. thank you very much
  14. Whoever modified those cars should be shot. The cavalier's body kit was ugly to begin with and leaving it in that white color on a green car is retarded. As for the Saturn, it's not too bad but not what I would've done. And as for all of this bickering over the worthiness of a Cavalier, they were never very good stock, and I'm not one for highly modified cars but if that's what floats your boat, go for it, at least do something you enjoy, regardless of what other people's opinions may be. After all you're the only one who has to live with it everyday.
  15. I agree
  16. Hey thats the one i'm using too!
  17. I would just like to point out that contrary to popular belief, there is a difference between import cars, and ricer cars.
  18. wth, is this an old thread?
  19. Kindly name the competition and the price comparisons.

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