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  1. too easy to beat.....i've beaten him with tram, bazooka and car wash....
  2. for me a pencil, car and a plastic bottle
  3. lol!! 20q really s*cks!!!
  4. I beat it with prototype
  5. sucks
  6. the funny thing is that it get really hard stuff, as some astract concept like life soul etc but if you do easyer stuff sometimes it misses it
  8. That game is pretty freaky.
  9. It got Lamb in 26 questions
  10. I didn't get wind, rain, mountain, or dog.
  11. "Q30. I am guessing that it is an unknown?"


  12. Yeah, I got that too, lol.
  13. it took 24 for it to figure out that I was thinking 'water'...
  14. Guessed Tony Montana pretty damn quick.
  15. Far Cool, Score 2-1 to me.
  16. You were thinking of John Bonham,

  17. It got Robert Plant in 22!
  18. it got jesus in 16 questions.

    16. Do you have children? No.
    15. Were you popular in the '70s? Yes.
    Are you short? Unknown.
    14. Are you attractive? No.
    Are you right-handed? Unknown.
    13. Were you popular in the '30s? Yes.
    12. Do you have gray hair? No.
    11. Were you born before the year 1900? Yes.
    10. Are you a veteran of your sport? No.
    9. Are you still on the air? No.
    8. Do you appeal to teenagers? Sometimes.
    7. Are you a sex symbol? No.
    6. Are you based on a comic book? No.
    5. Are you known as a hero? Yes.
    4. Have you won an Academy Award? No.
    3. Was your big break on a TV show? No.
    2. Do you appeal to children? Sometimes.
    1. Are you under 40 years old? No.
  19. I stumped it twice in a row. Yall is pedestrian.
  20. It got Garth Brooks right pretty easily.

    It got John Mayer wrong though.
  21. I stumped it on the Bay City Rollers hahaha.
  22. Q18. I am guessing that it is Homer Simpson?
    Right, Wrong, Close
    17. Is your soundtrack orchestrated? No.
    16. Do you have dark hair? No.
    15. Are you a main character? Yes.
    14. Are you a fictional place? No.
    13. Are you someone's father on TV? Yes.
    12. Are you rated G? No.
    11. Are you a man? Yes.
    10. Were you popular in the '80s? No.
    9. Were you nominated for an award? Yes.
    8. Are you a sitcom? Yes.
    7. Do you often have a plot twist? Yes.
    6. Are you on an HBO series? Yes.
    5. Are you fat? Yes.
    4. Do you live in Springfield? Yes.
    3. Are you animated? Yes.
    2. Were you popular in the '90s? Yes.
    1. It is classified as Person

    Lol @ question 4.
  23. Q17. I am guessing that it is a chameleon?
    Right, Wrong, Close
    16. Can it run fast? No.
    15. Is it fragile? Probably.
    14. Can it be washed? No.
    13. Is it a lazy animal? Probably.
    12. Does it involve contact with other humans? No.
    11. Is it considered valuable? Probably.
    10. Is it annoying? No.
    9. Is it usually green? Yes.
    8. Is it involved in movies? Sometimes.
    7. Is it worth a lot of money? Probably.
    6. Is it delicious? No.
    5. Do people own it as a pet? Probably.
    4. Is it slippery? No.
    3. Can you buy it? Yes.
    2. Does it jump? No.
    Is it a warm-blooded animal? Unknown.
    1. It is classified as Animal.

  25. it got Big Trouble In Little China in 14 questions.

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