20 wonderful years

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  1. but all good things must end. 20 years of life in illinois. 2/3s in total. in 2 short months, it's over.

    The wife, the Rossion, Sir Robin of Loxley (my bird), and myself are all leaving.

    where, you might ask.. well you probably don't care, but i'm gonna hint at it anyways because once again I'm terribly pleased with myself. Untitled.jpg
  2. You are flying a car all the way from Illinois to Hawaii?
  3. Mountain ridges and green hues. Nice.
  4. Congrats. That seems remote. What are you gonna do there?
  5. Wouldn't (((you)))) likt to no!
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  6. One day you will explain the ((())) joke to me. Feels like I'm missing out on laughs.
  7. Those tinfoil people that think Jews rule the world and banks and oil and aliens, refer to Jews as ((them))
  8. Really? I've never noticed that. Jews are unproportionately powerful though, especially in the States. But I think it will die off and even out eventually.
  9. Eh these people actually think they're in some sort of Jew matrix. It's pretty cute what they think.
  10. I don't get to decide how the rossion gets there, so it might be loaded on a ship. In fact, I hope so it doesn't fly because the sum of all the costs of this move is going to be treated as taxable income.

    but yeah! I'm Hawaii bound.
  11. peacock myself around. It's not too remote though. There's a Costco, an airport, and thousands of daily tourists.
  12. Did you purchase appropriately colorful shirts?
  13. Ibrossiondestroyedintsunami.
  14. i want to wear my hawaiian shirts completely open and let my belly hang out. but yo, how can a tsunami destroy the rossion if only good things ever happen to me? the real problem is the highest speed limit is something like 40.
  15. Request.

    Find this road and take a video->gif image of you driving into distance. :)

    [​IMG]Bumpy ride by Rabican7, on Flickr
  16. Not the same island.
  17. i thought hawaii was horrible for fast cars
    maybe a miata would be fun
    or a motorcycle

    seems like a very lovely place to live though
  18. Trump.

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