2000-2003 Durango, Dakota

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  1. a blowout at 90 wouldnt do shit as long as u know how to not panic and control what your driving
  2. it depends if the suspension is too soft on them, which was a complain with the explorer if i am not mistaken.
  3. That's only because the people who rolled over Explorers from the tread seperation are idiots. Even when the tread comes off the tire, there's still air in the tire. C/D did a test where they fully deflated the right-rear tire on a mid '90s Explorer at varying speeds bewteen 40 and 70 mph and didn't crash or even come close.
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    Same with the Hummer H2. But I don't think they addressed the problem yet.
  5. when honda can figure out why the crv cathes on fire wafter an oil change they will issue a recall
  6. It was recalled Friday because of a problem with the oil filter seals.
  7. ok, didnt know they figuerd it out already
  8. the proble mwith the exploere was that the people coulnt control their car at high speeds. FOrd did a test. Shot an explorer down the track at 70 and blew out the tire. Nothing happended, It rollled to a stop.
  9. thank you for being cool. i was just trying to say something with a little spice to it and he thinks this is some #$%#ing english class where everybody in the class does not have common sense like he does and he has to clarify it for everyone in the class. of course not everybody is going to die as of a results of what occurs and i would hope that any person that has the intelligence to type can conclude this also.
  10. Well, that's not the problem. Service technicien should check where the oil filter is screwed on the engine. When they remove the old oil filter, they should check to see if the oil seal of the removed filter is not on the engine. And they have to put a platic cover so the oil that runs out of the filter does'nt go on the exhaust system.
  11. It would merely cause the wheel to lock, it would be a controllable skid as long as you didn't stab the brake or violently saw at the steering wheel.
  12. didnt dateline or 20/20 do something about this 3-4 months ago??? several people started getting them fixed then and dodge is just now starting to recall them? my father in law said they fix 3-4 a week and the people had to pay big bucks to get it done then because it wasnt a recall... is DC going to be refunding them?
  13. Probably not, they did it voluntarily.
  14. i didn't say it didn't have a high chance of killing you, i said it won't definitely kill you, which is what he said. i'm not downplaying it, it's a big deal, i know it. what the hell is so hard to understand?
  15. its like saying if you have cancer and you die that it wasnt the cancer that killed you, its the fact that your heart stoped. The fact is having a wheel fall off increases your risk of being killed, as does having cancer, eh, not the best way to explain it.

    I guess you didnt downplay it you just said "who cares. recalls are common for eevry company, whether it's mercedes catching fire or chryslers wheels falling off" I would say I care, I would say most people who own one care. I would say that if you dont have anything to contribute to the topic, then dont reply.
  16. no, it's like saying if you have cancer you will die, which isn't true. depending on the type of cancer, you obviously have a much higher chance of dying.

    the fact about recalls is that everyone has them, so posting them is pretty stupid. and i added to the topic, if you'd notice, about recalls. you just discussed it yourself. maybe you shouldn't look so negatively upon a comment you disagree with.
  17. Because it's absoultely NOTHING like the Toyota Tundra's problem of sheering off ball joints causing the rear suspension to fall off and resulted in several crashes already.

    NHTSA said it had opened an engineering analysis into about 110,000 2002 Toyota Tundra pickup trucks after consumers complained of a faulty ball joint in the front suspension. NHTSA opened its original investigation based on three reports of ball joint failure, which caused the suspension to collapse and resulted in a loss of control of the vehicle. Some drivers lost the ability to use their front brakes after the suspension collapsed, NHTSA said. The majority of the problems occurred on four-wheel drive versions of the pickup truck.

  18. I didnt disagree with it, i found it to be a pointless comment.
  19. The 300C/Magnum is built on the E-class plat, and I think the Durango is built on the M-class plat, I could be wrong, though. Probably am.
  20. You're a moron.
  21. It all depends on ur driving. If you panic and cut the wheel on a blowout, yes mabye u will flip, burn, & die. If u keep it straight and know what ur doing u have an easy chance to not get in an accident
  22. Gumballa clone.
  23. yea u r the 300c/magnum are built on the Lx platform
  24. Yes - They wanted to wait until I wrote a paper #%[email protected] about them not recalling those very ball joints, then the day after I turned it in go on with it.
  25. mkay.

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