$2000 Car?? Edited!!! Holla!

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  1. $2000 Car??

    So it's winter again.

    And I don't want to drive my Chrysler Concorde around anymore <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/PitLane?displayFAQ=y"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>

    What should I get, for less than 2k. As much less as possible.

    I want it to be the absolute best on gas and as reliable as possible. I don't care about anything else.

    I might be leaving this car in Vancouver full time, so highways are necessary but that city crawl is such a #%[email protected] and burns so much friggin gaz.
  2. $2000 Car??

    Toyota corolla
  3. $2000 Car??

    Hyundai Excel?
  4. $2000 Car??

    Civic, Accord, Corolla, Camry, Golf, Jetta? I'm sure there are lots under $2,000 you'll just have to weed out a lot of shitboxes. Prepare to spend lots of time on classifieds and deal with a lot of turds.
  5. $2000 Car??

    Your choices would get a lot cooler if you relaxed the gas mileage requirement.

  6. $2000 Car??

    probably a better choice. Korean cars don't hold their value so you should be able to get something fairly new.
  7. $2000 Car??

    tercel or old subaru
  8. $2000 Car??

    i'm kinda liking a 91' Acura Legend or later model Integra....

    anyone have any experience on reliability? Obviously a Civic or Corolla wins, just...if there's anything that's not such a standard choice that's still relatively reliable and good on gas. I don't mind doing some work on it, as long as I can depend on it to fire up and do like, 1.5k every month.
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  10. $2000 Car??

    I question your definition of a winter beater
  11. $2000 Car??

    lol. anything that isn't RWD with like, over 4 inches of ground clearance and doesn't piss through premium gas.

    I'm really looking for a city car/daily driver. Winter is pretty mild, just wet.

    (ya, noob if the Legend is RWD)

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  13. $2000 Car??

    Tercel all the way. I had a 1994.
  14. $2000 Car??

    AWD Corolla
  15. $2000 Car??

    Bugatti Veyron
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  18. $2000 Car??

    What do you expect for 2 grand? You won't find a good used Cherokee for under $2,000
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    $2000 Car??

    haha, on the west coast, jeepers LOVE cherokees and we have lots on the market.

    check this one out. 180k kms!


    Super clean and good looking still.
  20. $2000 Car??

    Move to Canada, import RHD, Win!
  21. $2000 Car??

    Blue Devil Corvette
  22. $2000 Car??

    Are you really going to be driving enough to make the gas mileage matter?
  23. $2000 Car??

    you look at a picture of the engine bay and look at the bundle of vacuum lines. then realize if theres a problem its easier to replace every single fUcking one then try to find the culprit
  24. $2000 Car??

    Lol at tercel suggestions, I'd rather drive the Chrysler.

    You're not going to get anything that is both interesting and reliable for that price. You can have one, or the other. Cherokee is probably the closest to both so far and probably best for winters as well, but worst mileage of everything so far. I'd imaging you'd get 15mpg with mixed driving.
    The listing though worries me because it closes with "needs some work"
    That can mean anything. If the engine is 4L, its the AW trans, but the 2.5L came with a chrysler 3spd unit that was crap.

    edit: Just realized it says 6 cylinders, which means 4L

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