2002 Ferrari Season Review

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  1. 12th World Championship (record)
    4th championship in a row (equal record)
    17 Races
    15 Wins (equal record)
    221 points (record)

    5th World Championship (equal record)
    3rd Championship in a row
    11 wins (record)
    144 points (record)
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    I reckon 3 championships in a row has to be an equal record as well, doesn't it?

    It really has been an awesome year.
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    i thought the record was 3 too. anyways ferrari had a great year so did schumacher and i m glad barichello got second overall(with some help from schumi).
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    Oops. I think I was wrong. I think Fangio won 4 titles in a row.

    Do you know how many 1-2s the McLaren team got in 88? More to the point, was it less than 9?
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    Correct Fangio won 4 in a row

    1954 Maserati/Mercedes
    1955 Mercedes
    1956 Ferrari
    1957 Maserati

    McLaren got 10 1-2 finishes in 1988

    I think McLarens 1988 record was better, 15 wins in 16 races and they got 199 points (Prost 105 + Senna 94) in 16 races, when it was only 9 points for a win (not 10) so under the current points system they would have scored 214 points in 16 races = 13.375 points per race, compare Ferrari who got 221 points in 17 races = 13 points per race.
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    Lets not forget that Schumacher was in the podium in every single race this year, and Ferrari have at least a car a car in the points since the race of Malaysia 99 , witch his very impressive.
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    Yep unbelievably impressive.
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    Well McLaren should have been better because they had by far the best car and the two best drivers who hadn't started to hate each other yet.

    The podium record is really great but do you realise that it was really close to ending in Malaysia this year? Schumacher passed Button's broken Renault on the last lap to get third. Lucky!
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    LOL! yeah true, luck has followed Ferrari around this year.
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    Luck is also part of racing. If a driver is unlucky he will never win a championship. Do you think Prost was unlucky, Senna was unlucky…? I could go on and on…
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    Undoubtedly Luck is a major part of GP racing that adds excitement!
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    Yeah, but I don’t know where every one gets the idea that luck has nothing to do with it. Even in life one must have a bit of luck to succeed.
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    Yeah, look at any 'great' sportsman/scientist/politician/businessman most of them will have that critical lucky break.
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    I don't buy it how people go on about Schumacher being lucky, though. No more than anyone else, anyway. Most of the incidences where people say he is lucky, he uses his skill to get out of some kind of problem.
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    I don't say he wins because he's lucky. If we put a moron at an F1 wheel, he would surely not win unless he was the only one to finish. An f1 driver needs to be talented and lucky. Schumacher is very talented and has a bit of luck, witch makes him astonishing.<A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>
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    ooooo yea!

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