2002 Koenigsegg CC 8S vs 1997 McLaren F1

Discussion in '2002 Koenigsegg CC 8S' started by love of cars, Aug 9, 2002.

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    Damn, you make a very fine point indeed.
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    And yes.
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    I second that.
    I mean, even tho the CC8s has come out on top, it's only by a hair.
    So, they're basically equal.
    So yeah, I definitely second that.
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    I would like to agree that this is just a matter of taste. Personally, I like the Koenigsegg for many reasons...

    The McLaren has achieved world-wide fame, and of course it is desired the most. Hell, wut dumbass wouldn't want it? But the pure fact is, if you ever own one, are you ever gonna test it? Honestly, (i live in california) are you gonna go 240 mph on the 5 freeway? No...Are you ever going to be doing fast weaves and turning on an LA intersection? no.....are you ever in hell gonna drive through Los Angeles with a million dollar car who everyone desires and will be spitting and throwing shit at you just to piss you off.....heck no.... point of the matter is...if you want to buy either a mcLaren or a Koenigsegg...Koenigsegg will probably be better. Rember, this is my taste, so please don't go around saying how im a "#$%#en dumbass" and crap like that...

    Koenigsegg has a more appealing body design. The McLaren is too aggressive, as it was designed for the purpose of speed. The Koenigsegg on the other hand, has a very enjoyable outside. Plus, the targa top makes it nice to show off....wut better way to spend a beautiful day going on the Pacific Coast Highway with the targa off, wind blowing in your face, and everyone on the beach staring at you like a god.....The Koenigsegg, as mentioned numerous times before, is very simlar to the mcLaren. Speed, downforce, laterals, (not engine though), horsepower. so, it comes down to it,since they're so similar, which is easier on the wallet? Im not rich, so i would definately pick the Koenigsegg. Then again, give me a couple million and i'd buy the McLaren in a heartbeat.

    Thus concludes my long reason...please, once again, DON'T BASH ME!! It's my own ideas!!
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    No need to bash you for that. It's your opinion.
    You didnt back it as a form of facts, you only backed
    it as your opinion, so nothing wrong with it. <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>
    ~My support
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    I say it's a tie. I give both cars 9.999999999 out of 10 (nothing is perfect, except for the Lord himself).
    The cars have very similar performances.
    McLaren was made earlier, it was revolutionary.
    Koenigsegg is newer, and definitely less-known.
    Koenigsegg probably feels more luxurious.
    McLaren probably looks faster and more-aggresive, while Koenigsegg looks more smooth and compact. Yet both cars look damn nice.
    It's a tie IMO.
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    You know, it is rare that someone posting in all caps says something correct, but you did it, I'm surprised.
    This is way better. Their performance is almost the exact same, so I look at looks and price. The CC is gorgeous, the Mclaren isn't. The Koenigsegg is a third of the price of the Mclaren, $300,000 versus $1 milion.
    I have to say, I am pleasantly surprised that so many would take this over the Mclaren. Apparently some can recognize true greatness.
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    a koenigsegg hit 245mph on a U.S. highway during the latest gumball 3000. The f1 could only hit 240 mph on a test track. The acceleration times for these cars are pretty much dead even. The c8 can pull a significant amount more g-forces than the mclaren. I don't know about braking distances. Seems to me the c8 would be the better performer due to its lateral grip capabilities.

    I don't see how you can say the f1 is faster when it is slower in 1/4 mile, has a lower top speed, and has less lateral grip. Those are the facts. They don't make the f1 any less of a car than it was before the c8 came out.
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    I agree with Nimbok all the way. You can't just say you think its the F1 based on common knowledge and sense without even basing it on facts.
    I would say Nimbok is the smartest one with a post here, cause he is smart
  11. Re: My ass looks better than this car

    Sorry but drawing pictures of zoom-zoom-mobiles with your crayons in the mental hospital doesn't mean you "design cars".

    With the level of maturity you show in your posts, you aren't old enough to design a brick.
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    I design bricks and let me tell you, he doesn't have it in him
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    and if it may be with crayons in a mental hospital, so be it, I'm damn good. Especially with the crayon labelled Brick as the color. Thats my favorite one out of the bunch.
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    I am absolutely in love with the design of the Koenigsegg and throughly impress with it's stats. I think they're both top notch cars and it would be a pretty damn close from sprint to finish. The only way to know is to put them side by side. ;-)
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    Excuse me dick?
    You wanna say summore shit?
    If so, then get the f*ck off this site and dont come
    You dont know shit when you dont actually know the person
    and their skills.
    He actually can AND DOES design cars dumbass.
    So shut the hell up if you cant clean up your sorryass act.
    Oh, by the way, you have some shit on your face, but wait, where's your face?
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    Ya, you f*ckin piss-ant, you wanna piece of me?
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    Yeah I would like to say some more.

    1) Threatening people over the internet is retarded. Do you think you're actually going to scare me? If you want to threaten me in person, I'll give you a time and a place.
    2) I'm currently trying to decide which one of you is stupider.
    3) You'd have to be stupid to think the mclaren is faster when every performance number except 0-60 favors the C8. Which is bigger? 1 or 2? No, I'm sorry, its 2. Please try again.
    4) I "designed" cars when i was 5 years old. If you actually do it professionally, then I think I just figured out why so many cars are butt-ugly.
    5) You guys are morons.

    6) You have a picture of a transformer as your icon.

    Here's a quote from GT's profile:
    "Never judge a car by its looks or style when you dont actually know anything about it; find out the facts before opening the whole in your face that spits out the crap I have to clean up and defend for the sake of facts and figures; believe me, you'll save yourself a LOT of trouble!"

    Beside being painfully immature (reference to fecal matter coming out of peoples faces), notice how he talks about using facts and figures in your argument.

    F1 - 1/4 mile in 11 seconds
    C8 - 1/4 mile in 10 seconds

    F1 - top speed 240 mph
    C8 - top speed 245 mph

    F1 - lateral grip .92 G's
    C8 - lateral grip 1.15 G's

    Yet you say the f1 performs better. Not only do you say it, you threaten and insult people who disagree. Maybe you need to reread your own profile, and correct the grammar while you're at it.

    I'd love to see some of your sketches of the cars you've designed. I need a good laugh.
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    I point out how immature your posts are and you reply by being even more immature. Had you previously shown any signs of wit or intelligence, people would assume you were being ironical. Unfortunately, you haven't, so the end result is you making yourself look incredibly dumb.

    Drawing pictures of cars doesn't make you a car designer. You probably don't know much about cars other than what they look like. You probably wouldn't know a camshaft if I beat you over the head with one, let alone know what lift and duration mean. And please don't reply telling me what a camshaft is; we all know how to use google.
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    Well, that's all irrelavent.
    You should be reported.
    Geeeeeet awaaaaay froooooom thiiiiiis siiiiiite.
    If not, I expect you to take back everything you said.
    About me, and about TyGT.
    I hope that's plain enough in English for you.
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    LOL. So the facts are irrelevant?

    You want me to leave this site because you know everything i've said is true, and you want to continue your reign of stupidity and ignorance.

    You're the one who should be reported.

    This is from your signature: ""Facts are facts, and nothing else." -TyGT "

    That doesn't even mean anything. Its asinine babbling. You're like the stereotypical kid that follows the bully around and listens to everything he says, just stroking his ego.

    You don't even make arguments. You two do nothing but spew insults & threats. Then when someone shows you the truth and the cold hard facts, you say its irrelevant? How do you ever expect to get anywhere in life if you are so adamant about being wrong.
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    Look, I probably shouldnt have said what I said, but Im tired of people like you.
    Take a look in the mirror and you'll see what I mean.
    I know what I say and I say them for a reason.
    You are the one that's immature saying shit like:
    "Drawing with crayons"......"show me some designs I can laugh at"
    Crap like that is not tolerated on this website, and people are usually reported for that.
    So, I suggest that you actually get the just of everything people say and not turn it into the morning that you wake up to, to walk out on your front porch to pick up the news paper and just read the heading of an article and take it for something else without actually trying to see what it means.
    I was learning about the Koenigsegg, I now have, and HAVE had the true understanding of the facts and figures about it and how it has achieved the goal of becoming a true match for the McLaren. I understand the specs.
    I have not praised the McLaren to be the better car here, you havent even been on this website that long, so you have not had the necessary amount of time to read enough of people's posts to understand the words more fully and deeply in meaning rather than just taking the words for just words.
    You are one that becomes a Mr. Misjudgment and you take things the wrong way.

    I usually dont take the time to explain things like this with PEOPLE like YOU, but, you seem to have acraknowlege and preciseness in your speech type, so I felt like you MIGHT be worth trying to find a truce and find some peace here, because I have put myself up to Prophecy to a website guardian, and that's what I'm doing here, but I should have left this job up for him to take care of, but you know what? You're my problem, in which needs to be disposed of, or fixed.
    Now, it's your choice to take up on your turn to make a change in the way you view what people post on this site and try to become one of us. I say that because I can see that you might be a good defendent of this site, and we could definitely use more of those kind of people.
    So I ask you: Will you compromise?
    Post in reply soon.
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    You are right though, I WAS wrong for saying this.
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    Oh please. Tired of people like me? You were the one insulting people just because they disagreed with you. And you know what? It turned out they were RIGHT. I just gave you a taste of your own medicine and you couldn't handle it.

    If you draw pictures of cars, more power to you. Thats a great hobby. But don't go around saying you design cars, and therefore everyone should believe what you say. Thats intentionally misleading people.

    If you can show me what I misjudged, I'll gladly take it back.

    By the way, this is an internet forum. If you're looking for a truce you're taking it way too seriously.
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    See, on page 6 of this thread, I OFFICIALLY made my turn around.

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