2002 Lingenfelter Corvette can do 0-60 in 1.97 sec.

Discussion in '2000 Lingenfelter 650 Corvette' started by A Buddha, Aug 9, 2002.

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    No worries.
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    this car is pretty awesome, personally i dont think a skyline can come close to this, this thing can still go way faster if u want to totally race it out liek you would have to do to a skyline.
  3. I have respect for this Car, but i think that Ricky is a little ignorant in his comments.

    I can take an R33 GTS-T to Subzero Racing and for AU$15,000 come home with a 10.08s - 10.20s car, having picked up the R33 for AU$20,000 that comes to a grand total of AU$35,000 or right now roughly US$25,000. For the 0.96s less on the quarter mile how much more did you spend to buy that corvette and get the conversion done?

    Don't think it's just economy you've got completely wrong too.

    Also I think you'll find that the lingenfelter is still atlest 0.4 seconds slower than our average street rotary(hate them) or 4 Cyl here in Australia, also on street tyres and road registered.

    Think before you hate.
  4. Why does everyone think they can build a skyline to beat a corvette? they wouldnt stand a chance against the legenfeilter unless it was the blitz skyline and even then it wouldnt put up a decent fight. Why not get a real compedator like the Viper1000TT and only pay about 100k insead of wasting over 200k on a skyline.
  6. yes the only real competitors to the 427 tt lingenfelters are the hennessy viper 8oo tts and 1000 tts every other car is just left at the line

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