2002 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am WS6

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  1. I've always liked the Trans Am and I am sorry that they are no longer made but the 2002 models will likely be harder and harder to get. Does anyone out there know much about this car? and the various models? collectors edition?
  2. Jay2002WS6 can help you out w/ this one.
  3. The base V8 motor was rated at 305BHP and the WS6 was rated at 320BHP. However it is well known that these were under ratings, most base firebirds dynoed at at the same HP level as the C5. And the WS6's have dynoed at about 370BHP. You can get a 02 WS6 in 4 speed auto or 6 speed manuel. The level above the WS6 Trans Am is the Firehawk.
  4. 370 bhp at the Crank are you serious??? I thought they were closer to 330 bhp
  5. I've heard so many different things, I don't even know anymore. That's what you get when adding Ram-Air to the mix I guess.
  6. Yeah the ramair does so much for you when the hood is open and the car is not moving on the dyno. Yeah does so much........

    Oh yeah its been discussed in tech that RamAir almost has no affect till like some odd high MPH
  7. i've never seen anything to support 370 hp. i've seen them dynoed stock at 295 rear wheel hp making 345 off the crank possible. and the firehawk edition you speak, of i'm pretty sure is an SLP custom car.
  8. 305BHP is for the base Firebird Formula and Trans Am V8 and yes they dyno at about 295RWHP making it 345BHP. However the WS6 ram air package for the car gives it a big boost in power and Ive seen dynos at about 325RWHP for the WS6 Trans Am, and if you didnt know SLP did do the Firehawk, SS Camaro, And WS6 Trans Am for the Gen IV F body.
  9. the SS and WS6 are from the factory, the firehawk was a trans am with some mods done to it from SLP i believe. and the ram are doesn't give it that big of a boost. and i'd like a little evidence of that hp a dyno sheet or somthing i find that claim of 370 crank hp very unlikly.
  10. the ram air would do absolutely nothing on the dyno.
  11. I had the dyno sheet of about 375 crank HP (run by Mustangs Magazine I tihnkj) on my old computer, but it crashed.

    Some dynoed that high because of the fact that they were factory freaks. They way they were assembled was nearly perfect, and the way the heads block and intake lined up was just about perfect.
  12. The factory only made the Z28 Camaro and Firebird Formula, They contracted out the SS and WS6 to SLP and shipped the cars to SLP for SS and WS6 modifications. The boost seen on the dyno came from other mods made to the engine, WS6 Ram Air is just the name of the package. HP ranged from 310-325BHP and 320-330+ft-lbs of torque at the rear wheels. At 315RWHP thats 20 more then the C5's 345BHP so 365BHP and if your car made 325 then 375BHP. Thats rough calculation for it doesnt account for loss.
  13. no your wrong the first ss in 97 i believe was contracted to SLP then the following SS and WS6 were made by GM. a previous post suggest factory freaks which could possible but not very common i would think. and what are the other mods i find these claims very unlikly especially with nothing to back them. wheres jay he would be the best to consult as he owns one.
  14. You dont have to believe the facts if you dont want to, GM shipped the unfinnished cars to SLP for modification. And you dont have to believe that WS6 Trans Am's pull 310-325BHP at the drive wheels either. You can look it up yourself but I am too tired searching for evidence for people on the net.
  15. Oh and they started to do the SS conversions in 1996, the cars were carried over to SLP after sitting in a lot. Then was modified to the SLP SS, WS6, FireHawk, and later RS specifications. SLP the numbered the cars.

    And how much power do you think the WS6 makes, take into account that the Formula makes 295 at the wheel 345BHP.
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    heres a web site to clear up that issue in the article it says they ss package was done in quebec from 98 and later but you were right about them starting productin in 96 i just assumed it was 97. http://camarossworld.com/production%20Numbers/SS-History.asp

    p.s. it wasn't a matter of me not believing the facts it was a matter of you not posting any. lots of people say lots of things don't necessarily make them all true if you now what i mean. next time just post the relivent info in the first place.
  18. what modifacations does the WS6 have that the formula firebird doesn't and don't say ram air because it doesn't account for the drastic of an increase. thanks for the dyno sheet thats the info i reqested in the first place i've never seen a dyno that high for those cars before. it doesn't say if it was a stock car though does it.

    p.s. never mind it does say it was stock. very impressive i doubt my z28 dynos that high. lol
  19. lol the WS6 package is a full on performace package that includes wheels, rubber, headers, new suspension parts etc.

    Z28's would dyno at about 295RWHP which is around 345BHP.

    Mustang Cobra's from that time period dyno at 270RWHP thats about 320BHP. Which is what its rated at except the 1999 model had a recall for being low on power.
  20. are you sure about the headers i have actually heard about the rest of those but not the headers. whats special about the headers.
  21. First off...I'm getting really tired of reading that the WS6 was developed by SLP...it wasn't...there are no special SLP options that the WS6 has even though the WS6 and SS are identical.

    Secondly...The WS6 has a ram air hood...stiffer suspension and special badging...that's basically it...it also has more ground effects being that it is a TA, which is funny because a base Firebird Formula is faster being that it's lighter.

    Thirdly...The SS was developed by GM also after 1998...however special Z28's did go to SLP and got special SLP options...my car for example has all the SLP options that were available to it in 2000. Both GM and SLP developed the Camaro SS after 1998.

    No more argueing...you're all wrong and I'm right <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>

    Oh yeah...the SLP firebird is known as the Firehawk not the WS6...and the WS6 does not have special headers as mentioned before...it has stock GM exhaust manifolds...what made the WS6 and SS more powerful than basic Firebirds and Z28's were a more free flowing intake and exhaust...that's it. They couldn't put custom headers because those wouldn't pass all US emission standards. So no...no headers...just exhaust manifolds...very different.
  22. To finish answering your questions...Yes it's sad there are no more Fbirds...incase you were wondering Firebirds...TransAms...Camaros etc are known as Fbodies...Hence me calling it the Fbird <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/pitlane/emoticons/wink.gif"></A>

    Anyway...there are 4 generations of Fboides...and basically two types of 4th gen Camaros and Firebirds...

    1993 basically started the year of the 4th generation Fbody firebird...Some characteristics included...

    New body design and chassis consisting of steeper sloped windshield, engine setback under front of firewall, and tighter suspension

    Model lineup consisted of Firebird, Formula, or Trans Am

    New interior setup with standard leather seating on Trans Am

    Convertible or Hardtop coupe options(the convertible was available after 1993)

    Engine options consisted of 3.4L V6(1993-1995), 3.8L V6(1996-2002), 5.7L V8

    WS6 package which consisted of 5.7L V8 w/ram air induction, stiffer suspension, special hood, and badging

    1994 Special Edition 25th Anniversary Trans Am; package consisted of white exterior w/single blue stripe, white leather interior with embroidered seats, and white painted 5-spoke wheels

    Firehawk option package available from 1993-2002 with 10th Anniversary package being offered in 2001

    1999 Special Edition 30th Anniversary Trans Am; package consisted of white exterior w/twin blue stripes and decal package, white leather interior w/embroidered seats, bright blue painted wheels, WS6 option package

    2002 Special Edition Collector Trans Am celebrating 35 years of the Firebird; package consists of yellow exterior w/dual black stripes and hood bird graphics, black leather interior w/embroidered seats, black painted wheels, and WS6 option package

  23. say what you want, my info comes from GM and SLP.
  24. Say what you want, my info comes from GM and SLP. And the use of the term headers is bad but it does use free flowing exhuast manifolds.

    And i never said that SLP developed the SS and WS6 alone, obviously they worked together with it. And Formula's were lighter that is true.
  25. WS6 package includes, stiffer shocks, stiffer suspension, retuned suspension, thinker antisway bars, Ramair hood, cold air intake system, increase flow exhuast manifold, increase flow exhaust, graphics, and new wheels and rubber.

    SLP and GM developed a good relationship from the Gen III days and they got the contract for the Camaro RS, SS, WS6 Trans Am, and FireHawk. Cars were shipped from the factory to SLP for modifications.

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