2003-04 Cobra Vs. New 07 Shelby Cobra GT500

Discussion in '2005 Ford Shelby Cobra GT500' started by atvman, Aug 1, 2006.

  1. The GT500 wasn't meant to be compared to the Z06. It was meant to compare against.... NOTHING!! There is no other car in it's class. Maybe the GTO, but that car was a dead dog the day they pulled the cover off it at the Auto Show. Realisticly, this car will get compared to the Base Corvette. Similar performance and price. The GT500 will most likely beat at the strip, but the 'Vette will out-handle it no problem. Really, whoever buys either car is going to be happy. They are both excellent at what they do, provide excitement. Comparing this car to the Z06 is absurd. The Z06 is much faster, a much better handler, and much more expensive. Nobody will have trouble deciding between a Z06 and a GT500. If they have the money, the Z06 is the way to go, if they don't, then the GT500 is the better choice.
  2. For 45K(+ 10K dealer mark up), the GT500 shouldn't be considered a "better" choice in any comparison. With a curb weight over 3,900lbs and a 1\4 mile time of 12.8, it should be up for DOG of the year honors. Any car boasting 500hp should be faster than that.
    Case in point, the 03-04 Cobra ran the 1\4 mile in 12.9 @109mph with only 390hp (R&T). Although the 03\04 Cobras were underrated from the factory, you're still talking about an extra 100hp. Not to mention a trap speed of only 111-112mph. Even if you take into account the extra 200lbs, there is no excuse why this car shouldn't perform better than its' predessor. This coming form a Ford fanatic, not some derranged bow-tie boy. With a power to weight ratio of 7.9 to 1 (compared to 9.5 to 1), the GT500 should be running at least low 12s.
    Just compare it with the 2006 Viper, which has a power to weight ratio of 7.2 to 1. The Viper runs the quarter mile in 11.9 @121mph, with only a 300lb weight advantage. Taking this into account, the Shelby should trap at 117mph. Dyno tests prove the GT500 puts out 416.7hp to the rear wheels, equating to about 470hp motor. So why is it sooo much slower? The answer: gearing, tires, and a soft engine.
    Message to Ford: I spent 50K on a Mustang, only to get smoked by a warm-running F-body!!!!!!!!!
  3. you're really overlooking the fact that the GT500 weighs almost two tons. it has an amazing suspension setup, and the motor is a de-tuned version of the 5.4L from the Ford GT. but what kills it is the fact that its a brick.
  4. 3900lbs is almost 2 tons

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