2003 Nissan 350z's

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  1. You ain't Johnny Tran?
  2. STFU I don't want the feds to know.
  4. i know you have at least 100 grand under the hood of that car, son.
  5. Just to add a little more to this...the '05 & '06 models that have the oil consumption issues are the '05 Anniversary model with a manual transmission and all '06 models with a manual transmission. They have the "rev up" engine in them and the automatics of the same model/year have the old engine from the '03-'05 and "shouldn't" have any issues with burning oil. The base models are the only ones that don't have an LSD in them. '07+ models are where it's at though. Only thing that I don't like about them is their hood bulge. I have a modded '06 with the rev up engine but mine doesn't consume much oil at all. My only complaint is that I wish it had more straight line power. And mine has a 4.083 final drive in it.
  6. Badass any pics?

    Also the 06-08 come with the updated headlights with little LEDs in the corner as well as LED rear lights the 03-05 don't come with...if I'm not mistaken the 06 rev up was a bit less torquey compared to the DE and HRs as well
  7. Post up some pics of your ride too Unregistered
  8. They are cheaper because every owner wants a 370.

    If you don't know anything about how to fix or maintain a car, you shouldn't own one. especially a 350z.
  9. "If you don't know anything about how to fix or maintain a car"

    Hey, why don't you shut the #$%# up and stop talking shit like this, fvcking moron?

    This is a thread about a Nissan 350Z not some POS Chrysler Newport or a POS american land yacht made 40 years ago.
  11. They also have a slightly different front bumper as well. They have a little more horsepower and a little less torque. Here is a few pics. The first is when it had 18" HREs but the gap in the rear got on my nerves so I switched back to the 19" Ro_Jas that I had originally put on it. A set of Volk GTS wheels are on the list for later on. When it's finally paid for I'll continue on and the plan is to build the engine for a twin turbo setup. But that'll take some time.

  12. I bet you don't even know what FSM stands for.
  13. Obviously you don't understand what "shut the #$%# up and stop talking shit" means.
  14. Yeah cant see because your stomachs in the way.
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  17. Agree 100% except the backseat part. Love the look of the S2000. That and the Lotus Elise are my two favorite convertibles when it comes to looks.

    Test drove 2 350Z's, an auto and a manual, and they both felt heavy and underpowered. I'd much rather get a G35 if I'm not getting a real sports car.
  18. xoxox
  19. elaborate
  20. Damn that looks good...I'm kinda broke though I really want the Nismo V2 kit with the canards and some Five Axis S5 F wheels. I'm liking the Ro_Ja wheels though! Kinda look like the 996 Turbo wheels. But overall clean ride looks good. Man I want a 06-08 Z bad haha
  21. Seriously? I can agree with heavy but not underpowered...The VQ35 just begs to be driven hard and kinda mocks you if you drive it like a chump
  22. my grandpa just traded his '03 in for a new Maxima, ugh

    at least he got 16k for trade in, lol

  23. This. G35 coupes are sexy as hell. G35 > 350Z
  24. truth. aero package is a must however

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