2003 Season

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  1. Can Ferrari improve any more?
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    Ferrari will definitely improve. I think that the proper question his, will the other teams do a big jump in terms of improvement so that they can catch up on Ferrari? This question his more hard to find an answer.
    I believe the year of 2002 will very hard to duplicate. The other teams will be very radical in terms of engine and car design so that they can close in on Ferrari. But I still think Ferrari has the advantage, possibly will win the championship in 2003 and probably in 2004. But the year of 2003 will not be as easy as the year of 2002.
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    Yeah I'm inclined to agree, but if the FIA keeps moving towards the "one engine" rule this will only benefit Ferrari even more.
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    I also must agree with that. The teams that will suffer more will be the smaller ones. If they break an engine in a practice, it will be very difficult to end up the race in the points. Ferrari had a great engine witch suffered very few problems, the McLaren and Williams can’t say the same, so it will be harder to them than to Ferrari.
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    The 2004 season will probably be a lot more different. FIA are pushing to change the ways of F1 back to the old days. Bigger slicks in the back and smaller tires in the front. Smaller wings to reduce the aerodynamic grip. Then cars will rely on mechanical grip, but i think these changes will just make the cars faster and there will be more overtaking going on during a race. However, this will screw the smaller teams because they will need to use a lot of money to make such dramatic changes so soon.
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    But as long as there's excitement at the front of the race, the TV money will increase and this will flow down to the smaller teams, they might not be able to keep up, but at least they'll survive.
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    The survival of Formula 1 teams is imperative. Last year was Prost, this years is Arrows. If this keeps up at this rate, there will be only 4 or 5 teams left to compete. Perhaps that is why Bernie is desperate to re-introduce slick in Formula 1.
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    Well if less teams compete thay could always allow more cars per team.
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    I don't think slicks will ever be re-introduced to F1. They wouldn't be able to race in the rain, and then you would have to just call off the race as soon as the first drops fall...
    What would happen at Silverstone? It rains almost every year!
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    The intermediate and rain tyres won’t disappear. The difference is just on the dry tyres, they will cease to have grooves. So if it rains on Silverstone they will pit and change the tyres to intermediate or rain or even monsoon.
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    Oh, well, in that case, they should reintroduce slicks.
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    Well there was talk of tyre makers being only allowed to take one type of rain tyre to a race which would mean no more inters. I'm not sure if that was just an incorrect interpretation of one of the new rules or if that's actually going to happen. Personally I would take the inter anyway and if it rains really heavy, you just have to cruise around slowly but if it is that heavy, they usually put the safety car out anyway.
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    And on the issue of Ferrari being beaten, I think it's probably likely that the other teams will suffer a lot more unreliability, especially early in the season, as they try to close the gap quickly which will advantage Ferrari even more.
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    The day they will bring out the safety car because OH MY GOD, IT'S RAINING, WE ONLY HAVE INTERMEDIATE TIRES! is the day I will lose all respect for Formula 1.
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    I was talking more about what happened in Malaysia last year. They bought the safety car out because it was raining too much and by the time it was dry enough to resume racing, it was time for intermediates.
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    THe new toyota TF103 is here the f1 car for toyota in 03 is faster but I don't think is going to beat the 03 ferrari or williams not even the Mclaren
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    Something to look foreward to
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    Correct although not until Silvertone.
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    Have you noticed how much the new Toyota looks like the F2002. On another forum someone posted photos of them both from similar angles and the similarity is astonishing.
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    Yeah, well it's a great car to try and copy I guess...

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