2004 Berger Chevrolet SS

Discussion in '2000 Chevrolet Silverado SS Concept' started by YSSMAN, Dec 4, 2003.

  1. Have ya herd about it yet? Berger (did the Camaro since Gen 1) is now building the truck! Utilizing the 600HP C5-R engine, the new SS should be amazingly fast....600HP, 575ft/lbs of torque, 6-speed manual trans, RWD....

    Look out Lighning and SRT-10...Chevy is coming for you!!!

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    2004 Berger Chevrolet SS

    That will cost even more than it does now, and the Lightning is already cheaper. Take that extra cash and put it into some stuff for the L and come out way better.
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    Yeah. But who cares???? A 600HP truck is absolutely insane, and worth every penny. I dont know if you had seen the Berger ZL1 Camaro with the same engine, but it was pulling 11s off the showroom floor. Obviously, it comes at a price...Just over $65K...But considering the MSRP on a regular cab, short box, manual trans Silverado...You could be looking at a $50K super truck...Just $5K more than an SRT-10 Ram.

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