2004 gto, or 1965 gto?

Discussion in '2004 Pontiac GTO' started by 2003 ss R, Aug 10, 2002.

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    I'll take the 1970 Judge RAIV, king of kings, thank you. Not bad... but just ain't a Goat without a big block. Might as well call it a Lemans.

    XXX is a badass movie... '67 GTO, and Asia Argento... my wet dream come true!!
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    65 GTO all the way...
    people are talking about aggressive looks...its a friggin grand prix with an extended wheelbase...nothing special except the LS1 under the hood...
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    The old one from '65 over the'04.
    This just doesn't look good IMO.
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    1965 GTO all the way....it was a year after the original and you still cant beat the original Muscle Car.. the original GTO's
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    do you really have to ask?

    OLD by far!!! This is just a bland rebadge
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    Well, a good example of the name game at GM:

    Monte Carlo


    Both were good cars in the old days, now they are just rebadge sedans. Its pathetic.

    I guess the GTO will be added to these ranks.
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    Ohh, its Brainless Wonder again
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    Man u Americans r the biggest whiney bitches

    your getting an LS1 6 speed manual and rear wheel drive

    At the very least it shows GM is waking up from decades of bad management and product planning

    this car will do nicely till the america rear wheel drive platform is ready

    Bob lutz realises thet Gm is an International company
    andnusing the divisions cars fromoer the world is a smart move

    after years of Front wheel drive puss barges with crap quality
    finally u r getting a good car

    make no mistake, this car is far above a Mustang quality and refinement wise

    so just cos its not made in America pull your heads out of your unsular asses

    the gaudy F series have had declining sales for years
    and they were a 10 year old design
    that gm didnt spend any money on developing
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    The '65 wasn't agressive at all!! What's so agressive about double decker headlights? Anyway what's so special about the old one? It was just a rebadged chevy!!!
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    I think I would go with the new one, but I am not sure. I used to have a 1966 GTO, it was awsome.
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    y the 65

    The 69 Judge Ram air IV was by far the best, my opinion i dont care wat anybody else thinks

    The new gto is so plain though. It just looks like a normal car. If u look carefully enough u see the small gto icons...

    The old ones stood out. People knew u were driving a gto...

    sorry to say but u can mistake this one for a honda. Just look at it and think about it. Its just so plain...

    They did a bad job. Im dissapointed...

    I'd go with an old one any day

    maybe pontiac after a few years well come out with a judge like ford did with the mach 1 and others on the mustang...

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    **** you, nigga!
  13. Re:

    Fact: You could tweak HUNDREDS more horsepower out of the old than you could the new. Where the hell does the "aggressive look" help you out in the grand power scheme? Jack shit.
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    most definatly the 65....that was a real car...this is sh!t as ive been saying for quite some time now
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    Have you ever even driven one of these to know what there like? They are very nice cars to drive and fast
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    There is this old GTO Judge up my street. The guy has it tricked just a little bit, fully restored beaituful agressive muscle car. The things engine blows you away. I mean the rumble at low rpm is breath taking. The RAM AIR scoop and the rear pauz traction makes this shit amazing to look at, especially when spinning out. I would totally take the old GTO. This car may be good, but why in gods name is it called the GTO
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    Now i am just wondering where you guys get the justification that the GTO is an american muscle car?

    Consider this for a moment:

    Pontiac is made by GM
    GM was founded in CANADA

    after all it was founded in my city of Oshawa by R.S. McLaughlin in southern Ontario. So i don't quite see how it is an AMERICAN muscle car.
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    the new GTO isn't a GTO. It is simply a Grand Prix with a V8. Out of all the old cars being brung back, i like what Ford has done with the Ford GT.
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    Its not even close to a grand prix with a v8, its a holden monaro with an uglier front
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    65 definitely...i hate this new one its a wimp car that looks like ne normal sedan.
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    Old all the way.
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    This is no wimps car and in real life thye look nothing like any normal sedan
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    the old one has more character and more horsepower as well. but in the long run I think that I'll get much more fun driving this one around. the OLD GTO is a straight line car, this one is both straight and corners. plus THAT FUCKIN INTERIOR IS ONE OF THE GREATEST INTERIORS IVE EVER SEEN.
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    Definitely 1965 GTO. The 2004 GTO looks too much like an HSV.
  25. Re:

    i think it looks ghey and it simply doesnt do justice to the classic GTO

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