2005 ford ranger...

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  1. indeed. Its second only to the new Tacoma.
    the Ranger is nothing pretty either, but its definitely not ugly.
    the new Dakota is fugly though.
  2. I have a 2003 Ranger Edge, 4.0 5speed manual. Its great, i love it. We abuse the hell out of it, and it takes it with no problem. Its at 23k miles with no problems at all.
  3. Sarcasm or ignorance?
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    The Argentinian built Ranger we get here just got a new facelift, Imo it looks pretty good.... www.ford.com.ar
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  6. Ford Rangers with the FX4 package look sweet, especially with a bar out front. I just cant get over how terrible the interior is though, that alone is why I would never buy the truck.
  7. Hey have u guys seeen the 2005 tacomas?? I hate jap trucks, but the tacoma looks really nice!!
  8. I kind of like the 2005 Tacoma, Ranger is still the best. Colorado and Dakota are POS.
  9. The Colorado is brand new with new powertrains how can it be a p.o.s? A Ranger isn't in the same league as a Tacoma for reliability.
  10. The ranger I think is the best looking truck out of all the compact trucks. The dakotas and Colorados/Canyons are just ugly but the Tocomas aren't bad. The Rangers with the FX4 package are aggresive looking I like them a lot. And for people complaning about the Regular cab Rangers small room and seat position, the Tocoma is just as bad.
  11. Have you driven the Colorado and Dakota? If not, you don't know if they are "POS". Don't be such an ignorant assbag.

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