2005 GTO vs. 2004 Holden VZ Monaro CV8 *LOOKS*

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Z06nutSS405, Sep 21, 2004.

  1. I like the GTO however I wish my brother would put the black HSV lights on his.
  2. Exterior: Monaro
    Interior: Gto
  3. If I was comparing the Ram Air 6 to the monaro...I would got ram air 6 in a heartbeat. I think they would either get back the Judge name or SLP being basically a GM company would let them have it.
  4. ah cant decide.
  5. i second that.

  6. From these pics I'd say Monaro, but I think it's just the quality of the shots more then the car's design.
  7. interior on the GTO? why coz the steering wheel is on a different side? its EXACTLY the same...
  8. The GTO is nice but their are nicer 2 seater cars like a ferrarie!!!
  9. SLP let it go :)
  10. very true. The new GTO pictures are no good.
  11. Well that's why.
  12. GTO
    more clean

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