2005 Mustang Colors.

Discussion in 'American Cars' started by Vanilla Ice, Sep 17, 2004.

  1. White and Black are good,
  2. oh wow. It looks STUNNING in dark blue!
  3. Green looks nasty. Love the red
  4. The light-green and light-blue are the best. I imagine they're extra-cost shades?
  5. 1,2 and 9 look the best.
  6. black is the best
  7. a guy i know is getting the windveil blue gt (light blue) and im plannin on ordering a legend lime v6 premium. we found a place thats going to sell them for 200$ over invoice. so ill be paying 17,292. hes paying a little over 26 because hes a dope and fully optioned it.
  8. I'd get it like this, V6, or V8 without the foglamps.
  9. I prefer it in red, blue or black. However, the prototype looked much better, wilder...It´s a pity.
  10. do you got the mustang pic of the silver and blue racing stipes, that looks the best
  11. Loss the stupid fog lamps then we might have a deal
  12. thats my car... legend lime v6 premium. exactly what im buying for 17,292. hopefully. my car blew up saturday which needless to say was sooner than i wanted it to blow up.
  13. Silver looks nice.

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