2005 Mustang GT vs 2003 Mustang Cobra

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  2. The GT ran a 14.20? Weakshit.
  3. its an automatic
  4. when I had a stock WRX, it ran 14.0 at 100.1 mph... with me driving. Even though the stang is an auto, its considered one of the best american sportscars, and its pretty sad to tell you the truth.
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  6. I guarantee you the 5 speed will EASILY get into the 13's.
  7. pony car

    and theres no way in hell you trapped 100 mph in a stock WRX
  8. Bullshit. The considerably more powerful STi traps in the 102-104mph range ther eis no way the WRX would pull 100mph on a 14 second pass.

    What's sad is taht you feel the need to lie on the internet.
  9. Bad driver.
  10. The driver isn't the only variable. It could have been done on a day with poor conditions... could have been 120°F.

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